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The best websites to send large files

23 mayo, 2021

In many cases, we have the need to send large files (so much so that we will not be able to attach them by email) and we need a simple solution to send it quickly.

There is always the option of turning to cloud storage platforms, like Dropbox and the like, but in many cases we will appreciate not spending our personal storage space or waiting to stop sharing the file with other users after a reasonable time.

So that,what alternatives do we have to share this kind of files?


WeTransfer (2 Gb)

We are facing the most popular service in this field; WeTransfer is possibly the first one that many of us used at the time to send large files. This has allowed it to make a name for itself … despite its limited functionality.

And it is that a maximum of 2 Gb in the size of the shipment (which will remain online for a week) is not a data that stands out compared to the rest of the platforms included in this article. Other common options in the competition, such as password-protect the link, are restricted in the case of WeTransfer to the paid version.

In its favor, the ease of use and proven reliability.

Smash (No size limit)

When we enter Smash (without prior registration), we will only see a large logo accompanied by a warning: “Click or drop your files here.” When uploading the first file (later we can add more), the options for sending by email will appear, through a link and (we will not find this in its rivals) sending to Slack.

Smash also gives us the option to choose the background design and the waiting message for the download website, in addition to password protection. We can also choose if we receive download notifications and if we allow the files to be previewed.

And now we get to the interesting thing, What is the file size limit? Well … none: Smash does not limit the maximum of gigabytes of the files that we upload, although it will reduce the transfer speed when the file exceeds 2 Gb.

It also limits its expiration, being also one of the most extensive: 1-14 days, to choose.

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Filemail (5 Gb)

In terms of functionality and seniority, we are possibly facing one of the most notable platforms on the list: Filemail is a service that was launched in 2008 and that gives us the opportunity to send files of up to 5 Gb for free and without prior registration (there are also payment options without a size limit).

Its interface is very simple, and allows us to choose between sending the file as an e-mail (in which case we can choose sender and recipient addresses, subject and message) or merely generate a download link (being able to choose the message that will be displayed when opening it).

In both cases we will have the option to add individual files or entire folders, in addition to choose how long files will stay online (1 day or 1 week, in the free option) and if we receive any notice when they are downloaded.

Filemail also offers free apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS that we can use, also, without registering.

MyAirBridge (20 Gb)

When we access the MyAirBridge website, we find 4 options deactivated (they require a payment account) and another 2 activated. The latter are the ones that interest us: “Send files by email” and “Send files through a link”.

The options are the usual: specify email fields, add individual files or folders, etc. In this case, we will not have password protection, and the expiration of the file is limited to 3 days. The maximum file size is 20Gb, and In this case we have a data transfer limit: 100 Gb.

TransferNow (5 Gb)

TransferNow is one of the most popular options in this field, together with WeTransfer: allows sending by email and via link, and specify an expiration date of the file of up to 7 days. The file size limit is 4 GB.

In addition, it allows you to protect the file or folder with a password. Other interesting options, such as deferring the sending of the file or setting the maximum number of downloads, are not available in the free version.

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