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The best websites to watch movies and series for free after the closure of Megadede

21 mayo, 2021

Although there are currently plenty of video-on-demand services in which watch series and movies, more than one cannot afford that much subscription, and when sites like Megadede, Plusdede, Pordede and others dede they drop like flies, it’s good to have alternatives on hand.

The following are some websites and streaming services that offer a lot of content to watch completely free, in several cases without even needing registration, with more than interesting catalogs that are worth saving in favorites for a rainy day because they do not cost anything.

Netflix Free

Netflix Free

Netflix for free is a recent initiative of the streaming giant to offer some of its series and movies for free and without the need for registration for any user. The catalog is small but It has at least a dozen high-quality productions to choose from that will rotate over time.

It is a very good option for watch a Netflix original movie completely free without having to resort to download sites. Obviously it is a strategy to get hooked on service, but it does have value.

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eFilm is a free online movie loan service that has nothing to envy the Netflix catalog. Its only requirement of use is to be registered in public libraries of certain autonomous communities or localities.

You can access the site from the dedicated website of each Library Network that supports the service in Spain. If you want to know more about it, you can read our detailed review.



Plex launched in 2019 your own streaming platform for series and movies, and although its catalog is mainly a small osais for lovers of B series cinema, it is still an alternative where to find something to see for free if you are very bored.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten Free

Rakuten TV also has a selection of free movies available on its website, they do not require any subscription, but you must register on the platform. The catalog is quite extensiveAnd while most are movies from a few years ago, you have plenty to choose from.

YouTube Originals

Youtube Originals

Some time ago YouTube changed strategy with its original content and decided that it would offer everything for free without having to subscribe to the service, and showing ads, that is, how everything works on YouTube.

On his YouTube Originals channel you can access the series, films, documentaries, and other originals of the platform that YouTube has made with different creators and famous stars from all over the world.

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Filmocracy is a small independent film platform where you can see more than a thousand movies for free in streaming and in HD. It’s content that you probably won’t find anywhere else, and you can earn certain rewards for watching and rating the movies you’ve seen.

The Cinéma Club

Le Cinema Club

Le Cinéma Club is a website for movie lovers where watch a new movie for free every week. It is ideal for those who enjoy discovering rat, indie, and little-known movies. It is a small online movie club with a new independent film that is released exclusively every week.

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online

This website is a compilation of films, shorts and documentaries that can be found for free online. What it does is basically collect free content that you can find hosted on sites like Vimeo and YouTube, and organize it by categories.

You find from cult classics to independent films, animated shorts to the max, and a ton of things you probably weren’t going to find out just by browsing your YouTube recommendations that always show the same thing.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive Movies

And it is never too much to remember the huge movie section on the Internet Archive that has more than 25,000 videos ranging from full-length classic movies, to shorts, stock footage, silent movies, trailers and more.