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The best widget apps for Android

27 mayo, 2021

Android has always been characterized by its high degree of customization compared to its current competitors. You can practically change the entire look of your device in a simple way. We can change the wallpaper and put static or animated backgrounds, personalize the desktop with widgets and shortcuts, change the application launcher, change or customize the lock screen or put a screensaver.

Next we will see what are the widget apps most popular currently on Google Play to give a more personal touch to the desktops of our Android device with widgets of time, time, energy control and company to accompany the widgets of our favorite applications.

Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets

We start with Beautiful Widgets, the most popular widget app on Android and the one with the most widget styles to customize our home and lock screen (Android 4.2). It is a very easy to use application, it allows us to add clock, weather, battery and switch widgets to activate / deactivate brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, silence with or without programming, vibration and rotation.

Beautiful Widgets count on your own theme store in which we will find designs for all tastes. Its widgets are of various sizes and can be customized by modifying some parameters such as transparency, text color, background or its shortcuts. Its price is 2.39 euros on Google Play.

In Google Play | Beautiful Widgets (€ 2.39)

HD Widgets

HD Widgets

HD Widgets It also allows us to customize our desktop and lock screen with clock, weather, battery and switch widgets of various sizes and designs in which we can customize by allowing us to change the style of the background, the clock with many designs and options, the font and color of the texts. It is a very customizable application.

In your new version 3.8 also offers two “widgets” for the notification bar to view battery status and weather forecast and the new Colourform Test pack theme available for download. Its price is 1.49 euros on Google Play.

In Google Play | HD Widgets (€ 1.49)

Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets is from the creator of Apex Launcher, and its widget application only offers us weather and time widgets for the desktop of different sizes and designs, and like Beautiful Widgets it has its own theme store to change the look of your clocks and the weather forecast. It also allows you to customize the widgets a bit and allows show moon phase. His download is free but in order to access all the themes we have to pay 1.99 euros.

Fancy Widgets

In Google Play | Fancy Widgets (Free Download. Full version € 1.99)

Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)


If what we want is to have exclusive widgets Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) is our application, since allows us to create and design our own widgets thanks to its editor that allows us to add texts, geometric figures, dates, time, weather forecast, alarm, battery, missed calls, SMS, images, calendar events, gmail emails and many more options and highly customizable with colors, fonts , etc…

With UCCW incredible widgets can be designed that we can share on the web. The developer explains how to convert our widgets into APK files and Google offers us some designs for free. Sample designs can be found on Devianart and XDA Developers. The widgets are used for both the desktop and the unlock screen of devices with Android 4.2 or higher.

In Google Play | Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

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