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the cool concept that combines what we all loved about XP with the modernity of Windows 10

26 mayo, 2021

Have passed almost 18 years since the release of Windows XP, and just a few months ago it was that Microsoft finished with the last version that was still receiving support. And it is that XP is still considered by many as one of the best versions of Windows, and there is no shortage of those who think that its old design is better than what we have now.

Last year a designer decided to imagine what Windows XP would look like in 2018 by adapting his design to more modern lines with more than interesting results, and now he has done it again with his Windows XP 2019 Edition Return of the Legend.

What would Windows XP look like in 2019?

Kamer Kaan Avdan has created a whole new design concept of what a Windows XP would look like in the year 2019 And this time it comes with a dark theme and all, because if something has been in fashion recently, it’s a dark mode.

This application brings you the dynamic backgrounds of macOS to the desktop of Windows 10

This new Avdan concept is, in my opinion, even much better than the first. It combines many classic elements of the XP desktop that many of us loved, with modern elements of what we see today in Windows 10, but without anything looking out of place.

The iconography is luxurious, everything looks extremely clean, nostalgic and at the same time current. This time it not only comes with the dark mode that we mentioned, but it added the concept of dynamic wallpapers to macOS, and the version of the classic XP background at night is simply great.

Windows Xp 2019 Edition

The concept is displayed in four different styles: the classic blue Windows XP theme, the alternative silver and olive green themes, and of course, a completely black theme that looks pretty good, even in the file explorer.

Everything was created using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. If you like Avdan’s work, you can follow him not only on YouTube where he has posted more interesting concepts, but on Instagram, or on Twitter.