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the data saver will now be “lite mode” and only for Android

26 mayo, 2021

The Data Saver or Data Saver, is an official extension for Chrome that significantly reduces the size of web pages when browsing the Internet, it is excellent to save data if we have a limited connection, or even useful in cases where our connection speed is very slow.

This extension has been around for several years and is also integrated as a feature in Chrome for Android. Google has been working on improving it and they have added so many additional features that they have decided to relaunch it such as “Lite Mode” or “Light Mode”. The bad news is that it will now only work on Android.

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This extension for Chrome and Firefox compresses images to save data when browsing

Google explains that since they introduced the feature in Chrome, managed to reduce user data consumption by up to 60%But now the feature will offer even more benefits than data savings.

The new “Lite mode” will help to load pages much faster, reduce data consumption and also memory consumption, but for some reason Chrome for the desktop is left without the option

Lite Mode Android Chrome

The new “Lite Mode” of Chrome for Android will help pages load much faster and also consume less memory. In fact, this mode will be able to predict if a page will take more than 5 seconds to load, in which case it will automatically switch to the “light” version of the site, that is, the one that compresses with its API using Google servers before your device downloads it.

Unfortunately the “Lite mode” will only work on Android, and the Data Saver extension for the desktop version will die after the arrival of Chrome version 74 which was released yesterday. Google has not explained why this decision, and if you are puzzled, welcome to the club.

At the moment it is still possible to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and even more strange is the fact that despite having been updated just last month, Google still plans to get rid of it.