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The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny [por Josep Jover]

26 mayo, 2021

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Josep Jover is the lawyer who won the pulse of the digital canon to the Spanish management entities before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). A tireless defender of the open digital society who also chairs APEMIT (Spanish Association of Small and Medium-sized IT and New Technologies Companies).

Now he is also a contributor to Nación Red.

The doctrine of Manifest Destiny (in English, Manifest Destiny) is a phrase and idea that expresses the belief that the United States of America (USA) is destined to expand from the shores of the Atlantic to the Pacific, also used by supporters, or to justify, other territorial acquisitions. Supporters of Manifest Destiny believe that expansion is not only good but also obvious (manifest) and certain (destiny). It can be compared to the Lebensraum theory promoted by the Nazis to justify their expansion into eastern Europe and Central Asia. Only they lost every war in which they fought.

The phrase eventually became a cliché, having an ideological and later doctrinal connotation.

This definition taken from Wikipedia explains very clearly what has happened to the Sinde Law, and above all the energetic discharges of “authority” and “responsibility” of our politicians who have suffered our ribs.

To have a vision, I think we must answer an enlightening question. What happened at that meeting, to talk about the Sinde Law, at the Film Academy? How much of a stir it has caused, how many necks it has cut.

Well, it was simply that a series of gentlemen from the country sat down, capable of verbalizing their visions of the conflict and capable of understanding the positions of others, although not necessarily forced to share them.

By the Cinematographic Content Industry, nominal promoter of the aforementioned Law, the three sectors of the industry were represented at their highest level. : Filmmakers, Producers, and Film Exhibitors.

Filmmakers position: Every time you have to make movies with less budget. There is no adequate financing, and if there is not, you cannot compete in the market.

Producers’ position: Producing in Spain is not business. If this continues, it is over.

Exhibitors’ posture: “We earn money with popcorn.” Except for the big premieres…. films are not very profitable. The moviegoer prefers an American film over a Spanish one.

A first axiom was put on the table: Only blockbuster movies are downloaded. The rest … you can’t even find them on the internet.

From that moment on, they stopped talking about “pirates” and began to talk, among ourselves, about how to lay the foundations of the content industry model for the 21st century, a model in which Internet users would benefit from content at reasonable prices and the industrialists make money. We are talking about a direct dialogue between the farmer and the consumer, to take the topical example. And that message was launched to society

And that was the message that alarmed and stung.

Let’s explain it:. The “Major” the big North American studios have the same policy for the “colonized countries”. The production is bought by batches of films. To buy a smash hit, the exhibitor is forced to buy between 13 and 26 films of the so-called “series B”. The purpose is clear: to provide an economic outlet for many second-rate films at the same time that they colonize the tastes of the audience and stifle national production by occupying the projection rooms. It is a “virtuous circle.”

But even bigger business is the TV series business. The Majors were used to selling in batches, series and films from American production companies to national TV. Until now, televisions bought “premieres” of movies and series that they exhibited and recycled … and squeezed again. The citizen had to wait for them to be broadcast on some channel of the chain in question and swallow all the publicity. This is the basis of the multi-channel DTT concept, currently bankrupt.

Today, the fans of the series watch them on the internet practically in real time, without advertising, when they are released on North American channels … and when they arrive in Spain … they are already old. The Sinde Law is the “Wiki-imposition” of “the Majors”.

The rule will therefore apply, in short, to the extent that the “American friend” and his philosophy of “manifest destiny” are interested in each moment. The national industry, in this wake, is mere comparsa. The indigenous are the wrong ones and any action to eliminate resistance is blessed by “manifest destiny”

Hence, the day after the first approval in the Senate of our “Trini” was received by the Secretary of State “Ms. Clinton “. Ms. Sinde has been and is, as you can see, a mere lobbyist, as Mubarak has been in another order of things in Egypt.

John L. O’Sullivan, in an article published in the magazine Democratic Review of New York, in the July-August 1845 issue. It read:

“The fulfillment of our manifest destiny is to spread throughout the continent (world) that has been assigned to us by Providence, for the development of the great experiment of freedom and self-government. It is a right like that of a tree to obtain the air and land necessary for the full development of its capacities and the growth that it is destined for. ”

It is what it is

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