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“the dog filter” that is driving Spanish families crazy

27 mayo, 2021

For a few months, Instagram has allowed users to create our own filters, something that has caused the catalog to increase exponentially, and that they leave us wonders like the one we are going to talk about next. Sasha Dog is an Instagram filter that has gone viral on social networks, due to the reactions it has generated, especially with the relatives of the people who have used it.

The filter is nothing more than a dog, quite large, in augmented reality. If we don’t look in depth, the truth is that it is quite realistic, which has triggered a new viral challenge: make our family members angry.


Spanish families, main “victims” by the filter of the dog


To activate the dog filter, the fastest way is to access the profile of antonio.ruggiero93, creator of the filter and who, with his account without publications, has amassed more than 230,000 followers. After clicking on the link (free) of the filter, we will have it in our camera. As you can see in the image that we have put above, it only requires A flat surface so that the dog can lean. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t bark, it doesn’t do anything. He is just there, in front of us, with a certain sad face.

The filter itself is no big deal, but family reactions can make your day

As we anticipated, the “magic” of the filter comes to life when mothers and other family members in Spain react when they see an animal size inside the house. Tweets are already counted in the hundreds, and the retweets and dissemination thereof, by the thousands. We highly recommend playing the videos with audio, as the reactions are not wasted (although we have also compiled some read-only ones).

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This grandmother posted on Facebook begging for the adoption of the dog. “Please, if someone wants it, go get it, it’s very nice, thank you very much.”

“Another pension, are you crazy? He’s also very fat! Leave me child, take him to a vet!”

In our opinion, the best by far. “Call the police, I’ll kill you Alejandro, by my mu *****, I swear I’ll hit you !!!”

“Marta, it was what I was missing, I can’t believe you put a dog on the floor.”

As a bonus, we leave you with this magnificent thread of a duck, also as an Instagram filter. The closure is open.

The filter has been active for a few days, but it continues to go viral. Just enter your search “filter dog” on Twitter to see that, every minute, photos and conversations with family members upset after seeing the dog continue to be uploaded.