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The Facebook app for Windows 10 has been removed forever from the Microsoft Store

24 mayo, 2021

Facebook has permanently withdrawn its official application for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. It is something that they had reported last February, but now it is a fact. If we search for the app directly in the store, we will only find third-party clients.

Representatives of both Facebook and Microsoft confirmed the disappearance of the app and simply recommended to use the browser to enter the social network. Besides this, Facebook confirmed that it has no plans to launch a new app in the future..

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Instagram and Facebook Messenger live, for now

For now, both Instagram and Facebook Messenger applications remain available in the Microsoft Store. Remember that the Facebook app did not receive any kind of update for many months, but unlike Instagram, which was in the same state of abandonment, this was not converted into a PWA.

Facebook Windows 10 Facebook for Windows 10

As long as you have the app installed, in theory it should continue to work, at least for the immediate future, but it can no longer be installed on other computers. We do not know the reasons why Facebook has made this decision with this app, but it has decided to keep the other two by the progressive web application route.

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It could be a combination between the little used of it, or in how unattractive as a platform the Microsoft Store is. Most of the important apps that exist in the Windows 10 app store have been converted thanks to the Centennial project, and for some developers the platform is simply broken.

This is one app less available for the launch of Windows 10X, if Facebook is withdrawing its app from a platform with 1000 million users such as Windows 10, it is difficult to think that they are motivated to bet on Windows 10 on ARM. Again, the Microsoft Store is that store that shrinks rather than grows.

Via | Windows Central