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The fever for customizing the iPhone causes customization apps to add 5.7 million downloads in four days

25 mayo, 2021

The arrival of iOS 14, last week, and the possibility of creating widgets on the iPhone are unleashing a real fever to fully customize the homescreen of Apple’s smartphone.

This has caused very surprising situations. For example, Pinterest has experienced a sudden download record (800,000 new installations) and a spokesperson for the platform assured TechCrunch that there has been “a significant increase in searches for iOS 14 wallpapers and home screen designs.”

Millions of downloads, hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue

While on Android it is possible to create widgets and customize almost every corner of the operating system for years, on iOS it was practically impossible to do so (many of us resorted to Jailbreak in the past).

The possibilities offered by iOS 14 are causing that many customization apps are placed at the top of the download ranking on the App Store. This is the case of Widgetsmith or Color Widgets.

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According to data from SensorTower, well-known analysts of the mobile world and its applications, the top 20 apps that fall into the category of personalization of our homescreen already add up to 5.7 million downloads in 96 hours.

As if that were not enough, they reveal that users have spent about $ 400,000 in these applications in just four days (specifically from September 17 to September 20).

This is how we can create folders in the Shortcuts app of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14

To give us an idea of ​​the success of these apps, Widgetsmith (perhaps the best known) is estimated to have raised $ 370,000, which represents 92.5% of the total benefits in this category in those four days.

This is the top 20 customization apps for the iPhone in terms of downloads:

  1. Widgetsmith
  2. Color Widgets
  3. Photo Widget
  4. Photobox Widget
  5. MemoWidget
  6. Home Photo Widget
  7. Motivation Widget
  8. Ermine
  9. Date today
  10. Hey weather
  11. Timedeck
  12. Widgeridoo
  13. Glimpse 2
  14. Widget Wizard
  15. Web widget
  16. Locket
  17. ItemMemo
  18. OMDZ
  19. Clock Widget for Home Screen
  20. Photo Widgets
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The graph that appears at the top perfectly sums up the success these apps are enjoying these days. SensorTower data reveals how personalization app installations have exploded in recent days, with impressive growth.

Although Apple has always been very jealous about the design of its devices (both in software and hardware), it would make a lot of sense that they end up opening a little more the possibilities to personalize our iPhones. That, at least, seems to be what a large part of its users want.

Let’s not forget that currently there is no official way to change the icons of all apps, and it is necessary to resort to a tedious method to create shortcuts to the applications using ‘Shortcuts’.