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the first steps of the unification of Facebook services

26 mayo, 2021

Facebook announced last year its intention to unify all your messaging services (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct) on a single platform. In addition, the company announced that it would seek to make all communications more private, in the sense that WhatsApp is not the only platform whose chats are end-to-end encrypted.

In the absence of greater integration, in which Facebook continues to work, as we have seen in the case of WhatsApp and Rooms, the latest Instagram update for iOS and Android includes, for some users, integration with Messenger.

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The Messenger functions that Instagram receives


Even if for now we are talking about two very well differentiated services, Instagram has begun to receive many things from Messenger, which is also a most used application. Thus, Instagram now has a new icon to access direct messages: instead of the traditional paper plane, now we will see the conversation balloon with a lightning bolt, Facebook Messenger icon.

Despite being the lynchpin of Zuckerberg’s speech, Instagram and Messenger remain without end-to-end encryption.

In new Instagram messages you will be able to ractuate messages with emojis, as is already done in Messenger, Twitter or Slack. From Facebook messaging you also get the possibility of sliding over the messages to reply to them, something that can also be done on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook): "The future is private"

Messenger Instagram

The interface is now more customizable, but the function that really tells us about the integration process is that of start conversations with friends we have on Facebook Messenger, something that the users whose application has been updated have not yet received, as is the case with our colleagues from Xataka Mexico.

Via | 9to5Mac