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The Fortnite installer is now the Epic Games app, preparing the ground for its new store

26 mayo, 2021

Fortnite for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store, but on Android the issue is complicated. First you need to download a special installer, then the game itself, and that is if you have one of the compatible mobiles. This installer was until now predictably called Fortnite Installer, but just been renamed to Epic Games.

The change of name and icon would not have more impact if it were not for Epic Games announced that it would launch its store on Android during 2019, and the end of the year begins to approach dangerously. This name change therefore seems a first step towards the arrival of the Epic Games store on Android.

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For now, everything is the same

The name and appearance change is now available to anyone who downloads the Fortnite installer from the website, although the truth is that at the moment there are few changes. Yes, it’s called Epic Games and the icon is differentAlthough as soon as you browse through the menus, it doesn’t take long for mentions of the old name to appear.


This new app from Epic Games continues to allow you to install only Fortnite, although this could change in the future. After all, the company has yet to launch its Android game store, as mentioned in its roadmap in Trello. Note that it does not have a set date, although in August it was moved to the category of “long-term, more than six months.”


Going from a “Fortnite Installer” to an app with the same name as the company’s launcher / store / games for other platforms therefore does not seem like a coincidence, but a small preview that Epic Games store for Android keeps going and it will come, although at the moment we do not know when.

Via | Android Central