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The free antivirus Windows Defender comes to Chrome as an extension: this is how it can be installed

27 mayo, 2021

If Windows Defender has become the inseparable protection of many Windows 10 installations, its browser extension can become a perfect complement for the most cautious users of Google Chrome. Microsoft just released Windows Defender Browser Protection.

This add-on for the browser available in the Chrome Web Store offers us protection against various types of threats found on the internet: spoofing links in emails, a practice known as phishing, and websites designed to trick users into downloading and installing malicious software capable of causing harm.

Microsoft brings Windows Defender security to Google Chrome

Whether we click on a link to phishing as if we access a harmful web page that coincides with the particular blacklist used by Microsoft’s free antivirus, the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Chrome will display a red warning screen which will indicate that the portal to be visited may be malicious. Thus, we can avoid entering and stay safe.

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How to install Windows Defender Browser Protection for Google Chrome

Windows Defender Browser Protection Chrome Web Store

To download and install Windows Defender Browser Protection on Google Chrome we must follow the usual process, nothing complicated.

  • We access the Windows Defender Browser Protection page in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Click on the button Add to Chrome, located in the upper right.
  • And we click on the button Add extension that will appear in a window that asks us if we want to install it.

After these steps, the extension will have been installed and running in our Google Chrome browser providing us with Windows Defender protection while we access certain types of links or visit certain websites.

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