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the garage where Google was created

27 mayo, 2021

Doc, you built one of the world’s tech companies … in a garage?

As the great The Kills said in one of their best-known songs, the future begins slowly. And if we talk about the top technology companies in the San Francisco Valley, we could well add that the future starts in a garage. HP, Microsoft, Apple … and, of course, Google, the king of Kings. Fifteen years ago, the giant and its founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page were born. they wanted to pay a little tribute to the place where magic arose.

It is the garage of a typical one-story house just two miles from Stanford University, in the Menlo Park neighborhood. The dynamic duo was not enough with their small room on campus and decided to rent the garage and a couple of rooms in the house. From there, it’s history.

A few days ago, within the festivities for the fifteenth anniversary of the company, Google (who bought the house a few years ago) decided to open the doors of this house on Santa Monica Avenue and on a guided tour of Susan Wojcicki, the owner of the house in that distant 1998 and today, look where, one of the vice presidents of Google, show the world how it was the place where possibly the most important company in the world was born today .

A nasty blue carpet, a few mid-range PCs and a ping-pong table, that was all there was in that garage. Today they are the masters of the world. I dont know, I find it inspiringIt will be that I am sentimental, that I have seen too many Hollywood films in which in the end everything works out.

Track and photo | Mashable (thanks to a tweet from @mmoroca) In Genbeta Dev | The ten best computer movies (and II)