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The Google application adds a shortcut to open Chrome in incognito mode for the most private searches

25 mayo, 2021

Google has a lot of applications on Android, often interconnected. The integrations between them are frequent (yesterday it happened with Google Maps and Lens), although on other occasions they are more strange. This is the case of today’s: Chrome incognito mode integration in Google app.

This integration seems a bit half cooked, and for the moment it takes the form of shortcut to open an incognito tab in Google Chrome from the Google application. It’s a bit of a patch for the no-account searches that came in almost a year ago.


If you want private searches, go to Chrome

In May 2019, the Google application added the ability to use the application without an account, accessible from the menu to switch between active accounts. It was not officially an incognito mode like the one Google has recently integrated into Google Maps or YouTube, although in practice it had some of its advantages: the searches you did were not saved in your account.

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To do searches, this mode without account worked as an incognito mode, but the problem comes when opening a search result, because opens in a Chrome Custom Tab, then being recorded in your Google Chrome browsing history.

Normally, searches in Chrome’s no-account mode would open directly to a tab in incognito, but Google has designed an alternative mode. From the account selector there is a new option called Chrome’s new incognito tab. When you touch it there is a warning the first time, although you can check a box so that it does not appear again.


This option basically opens an incognito tab in Google Chrome, search list or write web addresses that, on this occasion, will not be recorded in the history or in the Google account. The idea seems to be this: if you want to do incognito searches – the Google app is not the place to do it, do them in a Chrome incognito tab.

The display of this function seems just as erratic as dark mode, so it appears at some users no longer others, with or without the beta version of the Google application. Probably in the next few days it will be available to everyone, but as long as you remember to use Google Chrome instead of the Google application to do searches of which you do not want traces, you will get the same result.

Via | Android Police