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The Google Phone app prepares to read you who is calling you so you don’t even have to look at your mobile

21 mayo, 2021

Google has been scrambled for a few days with different ads for its native Android apps. Today we knew, for example, that Meet’s unlimited video calls are finally extended in time, when in theory they ended today, September 30. The Messages app also paves the way for new internal categories, and now the turn is for Google Phone.

According to XDA Developers, the well-known developer forum for Android, Google is experimenting with its telephone application. Among other improvements, it seems that the transcript that is seen on the Pixel screen when they call us (in English) will have an expiration date. But there is more.

The phone will tell you, out loud, who is calling you

Google Phone

As usually happens in this type of news, the information is extracted from an .apk file in the testing phase, so it is unknown when these features will reach all users. It could even be the case that you change your mind and the upgrade is canceled or delayed indefinitely. Be that as it may, the Google Phone .apk (Google Phone) tells us the following.

What is RCS, the messaging protocol with which Google and the operators want to retire SMS

From the outset, the ground is being prepared for the Google Phone app to tell us who is calling us. But not in text on the screen, as it now happens, but in voice. The functionality is called “Caller ID” and we will have to activate it ourselves in the options. Once it is active, we will know who is calling us even with the phone in our pocket or away from us, it will not be necessary to touch it or even look at it.

Another functionality that prepares your arrival is the transcript of the reason for the call that already works in the American Pixels. In English, the phone asks the caller the reason for the call and the reason is transcribed on the screen. So we can read it and answer it or not. Now this transcript prepares its arrival to the rest of the phones with Google Phone, but also the transcripts will be automatically deleted after 30 days. We are waiting to know when we will have these active improvements, and how long it will take to reach Spanish.

Via | XDA Developers