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The Internet Archive has digitized and released over 25,000 78 RPM vinyl records

27 mayo, 2021

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that has been maintaining the same mission for years: that of preserve knowledge and culture and offer universal access to these.

The gigantic online bookstore has amassed more than 270,000 million web pages, 11 million ebooks and texts, 3 million videos, 1 million images, 100,000 software programs and 4 million audio recordings (including live concerts). Now we can add to that impressive database, the addition of 25,989 digitized 78 RPM vinyl records.

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The 78 RPM records were the first format of gramophone records, the abbreviation comes from that they rotate at a uniform speed of 78 revolutions per minute. Through the Great 78 project, the Internet Archive with the collaboration of George Blood LP is trying preserve, preserve and discover all 78 RPM records produced. They estimate that between 1898 and 1950 about 3 million sides (3 minute recordings) of 78 RPM records were created.

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Needless to say the bookstore is absolutely wonderful. You can listen to the discs directly from the Internet Archive or download the audio in multiple formats, including from FLAC, to OGG, to MP3 and more.

The complete collection currently has almost 30,000 audio files, through which you can browse by filtering by year, musical genre, collections, creators, and languages. If you want to be aware of the addition of new albums, you can follow the Twitter account thegreat78project to receive updates immediately.

Our personal recommendation: click on ‘play all’ and enjoy.

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