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the latest experiment is to help Forrest Gump cross the U.S.

27 mayo, 2021

‘Forrest Gump’ is one of the most memorable characters in Tom Hanks’ filmography, in which he plays a charismatic Alabama boy with a mild intellectual disability.

One of the most striking aspects of this film is that it is full of very funny situations. In one of them we see how Forrest decides to start running And, what at first was only going to be a few kilometers, ends up becoming a very long marathon from coast to coast of the country that ends up lasting three years.

One mile per tweet

Run, Forrest! Run! is a web page that seeks to emulate this scene, and shows us a map of the United States marked with a red route that crosses the country from coast to coast.

Run Forrest Run Tweet Runforrestrun To Make Forrest Gump Run Another Mile Across America 2

Basically, they propose to help Forrest to keep running (let’s not forget that in the film dozens of people start to follow him) and for that they ask us to post a tweet with the hashtag #runforrestrun.

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As we see, on the map Forrest appears represented with his characteristic red cap, his disheveled appearance and his green raincoat. For every tweet we post with the hashtag we will move Forrest one mile (1.6 km).

Run Forrest Run Tweet Runforrestrun To Make Forrest Gump Run Another Mile Across America

It is a project that has been created by Tristan Viney, and is currently very few days old (at the time of writing this article they have traveled 36 miles).

That means more than 13,000 miles left (or 13,000 tweets with the hashtag) for Forrest to reach his destination. A curious aspect is that the latest tweets published with this hashtag appear on the website of this project, and many seem not to know that this project exists (well, a coincidence since it is a very popular expression).