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The Lectulandia ebook download website is once again accessible in Spain thanks to its two new domains

22 mayo, 2021

“Since the original publication of this piece, the dominance of Lectulandia has changed again, being now available at The domains mentioned in the article are no longer available. In addition, there is another website,, which is a clone (in appearance, operation and content) of previous versions of Lectulandia, but which does not share administrators with the previous one“.

On November 1, the National Court, at the request of the Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission of the Ministry of Culture and Sports (better known as the ‘Anti-Piracy Commission’ or ‘Sinde Commission’), ruled the blocking of several domains linked to download websites.

Among them were Y, two domains that gave access to one of the most visited book download websites in Spain. The legal period of 72 hours then began for the access providers will implement the blocking of those domains (and for search engines to de-index their results).

This prevented Spanish Internet users from accessing Lectulandia, although at no time did the website itself stop being online: they were still accessible through tools such as VPNs or Tor Browser.

Lectulandia, the return

However, similarly to the return of Elitetorrent we were talking about yesterday, Lectulandia has managed to come back by offering two more new domains: and

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The WHOIS data (that indicate the date of domain registration and, occasionally, the identity of the registrar) indicate that the first of these domains had been acquired months before the blockade (in April 2019), while the second was acquired a few days after it.

CEDRO, the writers’ copyright management body, celebrated its victory in November, arguing that between Lectulandia and Ebook Mundo (another website blocked at the same time by the Anti-Piracy Commission) offered access to more than 67,000 titles, practically the same ones that the entire Spanish publishing sector publishes in a year.

Lectulandia currently houses 38,713 books of 14906 different authors, all of them in EPUB format. A glance at its cover allows you to see that, unlike in the weeks prior to its blocking, the web is updated again with some of the latest news.