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The logos of the main Internet companies: then and now

26 mayo, 2021

The company logo it is a very important part of it. It is what represents it and one of the elements of its image that is fixed in our memory with more durability. Hence, companies usually spend a lot of time and effort developing their own.

As a result of the appearance of a possible new Google logo (which, as some of you have told us, has already been used in some parts) and the change of the Yahoo! logo, we have thought to take a little trip back in time to see what they were like. the initial logos from some of today’s leading Internet companies. And although in general they have not varied much, we can find some surprises.

To say that for the realization of this article I have used mainly “The Wayback Machine”: http: // and “Logopedia”: http: // Speech therapy, the latter site to which I have resorted to not being able to access some sites in the former due to problems with some old dates.

h2. Google

Google Logos

We start with one of the best known logos: Google. Much has been written about what Google looked like in its beginnings and the two that I have included on the left side are the first two that they used when their page was hosted on the servers of the Stanford university. In fact, the second still appears on “Sergei Brin’s personal page”: http: // which is still online.

Since the logo with the Catull typeface was adopted in 1999, the only modification they have made has been to “remove the shadow”: http: // turned-up-notch.html that I had. That is if we do not have that “flat version”: https: // that se leaked by accident and that “it doesn’t look like it’s going to replace”: http: //, at least for now, which we can see almost everywhere.

h2. Yahoo!


The oldest screenshot offered by The Wayback Machine on Yahoo is from 1996. However, in Logopedia they offer an earlier version, much simpler and that would be from 1994. Even so, I preferred to include the others that followed, and that they lasted very little, before the one that lasted the longest (red, but changed color). Almost from the beginning, it had its characteristic exclamation point and, by the way, and at least for my taste, they could have saved it when they decided to create a new one.

h2. Amazon

Amazon Logos

As you can see, the original Amazon logo has nothing to do with the current one. Sure, it’s from the mid-nineties (1994). The current one has been in force since 2000 and is often cited as one of the most interesting by the “hidden” message containing: the yellow line at the bottom that goes from A to Z, thus symbolizing that they have all kinds of products and, due to the way they smile, at the same time symbolizes satisfaction.

h2. Ebay

Ebay logos

Another classic on the net, with no less than eighteen years old. In the case of Ebay, as we can see what was done in relation to the original logo was something like putting the letters in their place: before they were crazy, almost each one in its own way, and now they are all at the same height. Of course, the original colors are preserved. This change it is quite recent: took place last year.

h2. Twitter

Twitter Logos

Twitter started, like many, using its full name as a logo in a blue tone with a white border (I have put the background in gray so that it can be appreciated). However, it would not be until a few years later that “Larry”, the pet bird of the service, would make an appearance and that it has ended. taking the lead role in the image of the company, although with a somewhat different shape than the original.

h2. Facebook

Facebook Logos

Regarding its first days, the social network par excellence changed its name, background color, lost the brackets, the 0 and 1 inside the letters and remained as “facebook” to dry, with a small initial, but retaining the typography. As they say, and as we could see in the movie “The social network”, credited to Sean Parker, known for being one of the creators of Napster, that the “the” disappeared from the name. Next, I leave you a video with the scene in which you can see this (he says it at minute 3:00):

h2. Paypal

Paypal logo

I have to admit that when I checked in The Wayback Machine the oldest page they had saved from Paypal, when I saw the first logo I couldn’t believe it was theirs. Was that hideous thing Paypal? Really? But it did look like an appliance logo! Fortunately, it didn’t take long in getting rid of him to keep only his name. Over time, this logo with the name has had very few variations and the typography is the same as it was in the beginning.

h2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia logo

The first logo that Wikipedia used was very short lived compared to others we have seen before: approximately nine months. Already then it was shaped like a sphere, containing inside a phrase in English by the writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll. By the way, when the first logo change was made, not all Wikipedias incorporated it, some creating their own. And it is that each Wikipedia according to language have freedom to choose the one they use. If you want to know more about the evolution of the logo, I recommend you review the “extensive and detailed article”: http: // about it that they have, of course, in the same Wikipedia. Anyway, then I leave you with the first logo that Wikipedia had in Spanish and the one it has now.

Logos of Wikipedia in Spanish

h2. Menéame

Menéame Logos

And we end this list with one of the most popular Spanish sites: Menéame. The design of its logo has remained almost unchanged during the eight years that it has been in operation. Although the position of the name varies depending on the design of the cover, its distinctive feature (and we could say that the logo itself) remains the same as at the beginning. I mean Eli, your pet. Of course, the famous “peta” that has always accompanied the name, now only appears in the logo at the bottom of the page; at the top, it is gone.

In Genbeta | “Flat and without relief. Will this be the next Google logo?”: Https: // | “Yahoo! presents its new logo”: https: //