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the messaging app that can only be used with less than 5% battery

24 mayo, 2021

This past weekend we have discovered Die with me, a messaging application that will only work if we have less than 5% battery. And who will we talk to? Basically with anyone else who is in our same situation. A global chat of people who leave their last words before the smartphone turns off.

Such a surreal idea that we wanted to try it. And be careful, because the creators know that curiosity can lead us to do crazy things. Hence the application has a price of 0.99 euros. Would you pay one euro to be able to leave a message to society before you run out of battery? Probably not, but we have done it to explain what it feels like to run out of battery and to be able to talk to other users with whom you connect deeply even if you do not know them. And there is nothing like sharing experiences. Let’s go to see her.

The inevitable lightness of being

After a day of use night comes and I still have 30% battery. Oysters, it never ends. I raise the brightness to the maximum, I put a Netflix chapter, I start playing, I pass a couple of benchmarks for the future analysis that we will publish. 9%, 7%, 5%. Ouch, it has to be less than five percent.

When we finally reach 4% battery it asks us to accept a fairly simple privacy policy and enter the name. After this he sends us to the global chat room where all the messages will appear.

When reaching 4% it allows us to enter the global chat room, connecting with other users in your same situation.

Diw With Me 2

The interface is dark, in black and white to save maximum battery life. At the end of the day we are in the last and what we do not want is to consume more. Die With Me tells us at all times the percentage of battery we have, which will also be associated with each message we send. A clear way to show that we are about to disconnect.

The funny thing is that we can swipe up and see all posts that have been posted to date. Being a global chat there is a lot of movement, which is appreciated since we thought we would be alone. Of course, all messages are farewell and only in some cases do you get to create a conversation between several people.

A conversation where you don’t know what your last message will be

Die With Me 3

The options are practically nil. We can report a message or user by clicking on it. But no settings, no prior registration. In fact, when going back or connecting for the second time, we will do so with another user, who cannot coincide in name with one already used.

In practice, the idea is most curious and that is that the adrenaline that comes from being without a battery is strange. It is still a trivial fact, but the mobile addiction that many of us suffer makes talking to 2% almost a challenge. In fact, many mobiles turn off before reaching zero, so we will never know which of the messages sent will be the last. You can carry on a conversation, but it might cut out suddenly.

You know that any message sent can be the last, but still many are encouraged to have a minimally normal conversation.

The application does not contain advertising nor is it connected to external servers beyond that of the app itself. At the moment is kept as clean and simple as possible, which is appreciated.

That 5% strip will be seen less and less

Between the fact that mobile phones have more and more battery and that fast charging allows reaching 20% ​​in ten minutes, the truth is that I hadn’t run out of battery power up to these levels for a long time. In fact, only when I analyze the complete battery cycle of a mobile phone do I completely deplete the mobile.

With Die with Me I have experienced how a messaging application can be where all users have the same theme in common. You can talk about different things, but in the end the equivalent situation is what determines everyone’s theme.

Can you imagine something equivalent for users with mobile phones with a broken screen? And with mobiles from more than four years ago? Or that it can only be used for ten minutes at midnight? The possibilities of situation-limited messaging applications are enormous, Do you know any similar?

Die with me

Die with me1.0

  • Android version: from 4.0
  • Developer: Dries Depoorter
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: € 0.99
  • Category: Art and Design

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