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the most dynamic presentations now allow us to integrate with videos and videoconferencing

27 mayo, 2021

For the last ten years, Prezi has been providing a service that in many people’s opinion modernized the often boring classic PowerPoint presentations. In the end, that usually depends more on the person and their dynamism than other factors, but the tool helps.

During my university years I have been a regular user of Prezi, and beyond the fact that when their presentations were very convoluted they could get “dizzy”, it is about a great insight into the future of classic slides.

Now, after a decade, they’ve taken what they want to be a leap in their offering, launching Prezi Video. From the company they acknowledge having detected that its more than 100 million users need functions that allow integrate video clips with the content you want to show, and in that sense they even allow that video to be of the person who presents, in real time. To do this, it now has a web editor, and applications for macOS (above 10.13) and Windows 10.

Prezi Video, a video recording and editing software, but also video conferencing

Prezi Windows

Prezi Video is not just one thing. The company promotes that with the tool you can do the same as up to now but with video, that is, accompany graphics. That would be the part that complements the classic service. But Prezi Video It is also an application that is used to make videoconferences or live broadcasts.

Video editing functions are available on the web and on the desktop. From the web, the editor only works in Chrome browsers. In this sense, as in classic Prezi, the video can be started from scratch, but also use templates that we can build on. Prezi includes images that we can use, but of course we can also upload our own. The operation is simple, we will record ourselves and then select where we want the “decorations” and indicators to go. On the web, the recording time limit is 15 minutes and 720p quality, while in desktop applications the recording time is unlimited at 1080p resolution.


For videos, and With the desktop applications of macOS and Windows 10, you can use PowerPoint presentations that we already have, thanks to an import function. Once loaded, you can choose which slides are included on the video we choose, and which ones are not. Also, of course, they can all be integrated.

First of all, the bet with Prezi Video I think makes the presentations more direct, and the indications that we choose to integrate in the video that we record can serve as a script so as not to miss any point.

Prezi Video allows you to choose at any time if we want our face or video content to appear, or if, on the contrary, we want the content, like a slide, be the main thing, and let’s not appear. These decisions can be made live while recording or broadcasting an idea.

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But as we said, Prezi Video is more than a way to present our pre-recorded videos, and In alliance with web conferencing services such as Webex, Zoom and GotoWebinar, we will now be able to broadcast our presentations live, something that seems ideal for videoconferences or interviews where to show elements without having to share a screen, removing all the prominence from our face. This feature is only available for desktop applications