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the most popular and highest paid in 2020

23 mayo, 2021

Stack Overflow has published its 2020 developer survey. With the questionnaire they have interviewed almost 65,000 programmers to tell them things like their favorite technologies, the interests they have, and the salaries they receive.

One of the most interesting facts is how the adored Python has dropped two spots in popularity to Rust and Microsoft’s TypeScript as the most loved programming language by developers, albeit by a very small margin.

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More loved does not mean more used

Most Loved Programming Languages Most Loved Programming Languages ​​- Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey

Even if only 5.1% of developers interviewed say they have used Rust, it turned out to be the most loved by 86.1% of those who responded. And it has been the language most loved by many programmers for a while, although it is still a great unknown.

In that same category, TypeScript, the superset of JavaScript developed and maintained by Microsoft, has taken second place from Phython, although by a difference of less than 1%. These three are followed by Kotlin, Go, Julia, Dart, C #, Swift, and JavaScript.

Why Rust is the language most loved by many programmers although it is still a great unknown

The latter, although it is in the 10th position among the most loved, is still the most used technology: 67.7% of professional programmers use JavaScript, followed by HTML / CSS, SQL, Python, and Java.

Most Used Languages Technologies most used by developers – Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey

Curiously, JavaScript is also one of the most hated languages, 41.7% of developers who use it or have used it do not want to continue with it. However, the first place here is taken by VBA, repudiated by 80.4% of all interviewees. This is followed by Objective-C, Perl, Assembly, C, PHP, Ruby, C ++, Java, R, Haskell, and Scala.

While between the languages ​​that developers are most interested in learning or starting to use in their work the undisputed winner is Python. 30% of programmers want to use it, followed by 18.5% want to work with JavaScript, 17.9% with Go, 17% with TypeScript, and 14.6% with Rust.

Python and R pay better


Stack Overflow also offers a lot of data on the work status of programmers, making it clear that a good salary is the most important factor when looking for work, followed by the opportunity to work with new technologies.

Not all jobs pay the same, and both on the global average and in the United States, the engineering directors they are the highest paid, averaging about $ 92,000 annually. This is followed SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) with about 80 thousand a year.

75% of developers work less than 45 hours a week

These are the reasons why many programmers are starting to learn Python

DevOps pays an average of 68 thousand, data engineers They are close to 65,000, and data scientists and machine learning specialists are around 58,000. Desktop or enterprise application developers are around 56,000, system administrators 54,000.

Entry 2020 05 29 150511 Highest Paying Technologies – Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey

Mobile developers and academic researchers are at the bottom of the table, hovering around $ 43,000 and $ 41,000 annually. In addition to this there is the component of years of experience and mastered languages. There they noticed that those who work with Python and R handle higher salaries.

However, they are Perl, Scala, Go, Rust and Ruby the five highest paid technologies. With salaries that exceed 70 thousand dollars a year for all.

This survey was done in February 2020, before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, so Stack Overflow wants to point out that wages and various other job data can paint a different picture at this point.