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The Narco Blog

24 mayo, 2021

We arose when the media and the government try to pretend that in Mexico NOTHING HAPPENS (…) to let people know what is happening

No one – or almost no one – know who is behind But the lonely editor who shocks his readers with new drug aberrations every day is already one of the most successful blogs in Mexico. Atrocious images such as that of the beheaded woman and the message next to the corpse that serves as a warning for anyone who intends to denounce Los Zetas, owners and lords of fear.

The body of the woman in the video, murdered shortly after recording those images, appeared with his head wrapped in tape and with a firearm impact. In this case it was an execution of civilian armed groups – or vigilantes – who take the law into their own hands to defend themselves from drug traffickers (or rather from groups facing other groups). The state has died.

Decades of complaints by minority minorities were taken for granted. An informational oligopoly – multinational – and two identical matches they were always more ready to silence minorities, control the media and censor the internet – in recent years – than to wage a civil battle for regeneration. It’s too late. Those responsible live outside or in armored housing estates.

Now Internet will inform the world of Mexico that they have left as an inheritance to the most humble and perhaps, one fine day, of all that they have taken and of their co-responsibility with what happens.

A Mexico without law whose democratic death is already a reality. A narco-democracy and an anonymous blogger, he is very young, who tells what it costs to dare to tell – especially to be the first to launch a story – in the System’s media, and we stop counting so as not to point out.

The Zetas, a group created in the 90s by military who decided to become gunmen in the service of the Gulf Cartel and who are responsible, they themselves admit, for thousands of bloody murders, including the massacre of 72 immigrants from Central and South America last August on a ranch in Tamaulipas (northeast).

The Narco Blog reports the construction of a catholic chapel in the Mexican city Pachuca with money from Los Zetas. The prosecution has been forced to investigate after “discovering” a plaque in the chapel that clearly indicates that its construction was made thanks to a donation made in November 2009, by Heriberto Lazcano. The one who is considered the head of Los Zetas.

No one doubts the good reputation of donors, until proven otherwise

He specified the local hierarchy. Mayors shot to death or stoned to death after resisting when the entire municipal corporation and even the last of the officials had abandoned them. The child killed for looking.

The Narco Blog is already the source of traditional media, like WikiLeaks these days on Iraq. You’ve seen them on the newscast or on the front page of that traditional media with digital edition. But if it is Mexico and it is a narco, it will more than likely have come out of The Narco Blog. Some of the posts (do not reach us). The agencies. This yes. It will sound to you:

A group of hitmen broke into a drug addiction detox center in Tijuana, formed 13 of the inmates next to a wall and shot them with high-powered weapons. A few minutes later, the perpetrators of the massacre intervened on the frequency of the police and, against a background of drug trafficking, issued a threat: “This is just beginning. There will be 135 murders.”. One death for every ton of marijuana that authorities seized and burned just a few days ago.

It has been, for three years, the day to day, night to night, of the northern border of Mexico.

A blog. Simply. Complicit journalism or combative journalism.

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