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The Netflix speed test now measures your connection load and latency

27 mayo, 2021

One of the things that we all appreciate a lot when it comes to knowing if our ISP is giving us the connection for which we pay, are the speed tests. On the web there are tons, and you can even make one from the Google search engine, but one particularly useful for those who watch a lot of video on demand, is the one who launched Netflix in 2016. not only measure your connection speedInstead, it does so using the company’s servers so you can know if your ISP is limiting your connection when watching your favorite series. And from today it will include more information about your Internet speed.

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Rise and Latency

Netflix’s speed test had always been extremely minimalist, a button, a result of the download speed in Mbps. Nothing more, apart from offering a link for you to compare with

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The new FAST now includes also includes upload speed and upload and download latency in milliseconds, an especially important measurement when using applications that require higher bandwidth, such as playing online video games.

Ideally, both latency measurements should be as close to each other as possible, and if they are not, that may explain why you have connection problems in a video call or when playing Fortnite. In that case you can check your home network, or talk to your ISP.

This test is proof that users are concerned that Netflix is ​​doing well, in November 2017 we told them that they had already reached 250 million measurements, and currently they have already reached 500 million tests.

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