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the new free karaoke game developed by Twitch and the makers of Guitar Hero

27 mayo, 2021

Twitch Sings is officially Twitch’s first video game and it is one that is specially designed for streaming. Is about a karaoke game that is now available for free for Windows.

The game was developed in collaboration with the studio Harmonix Music Systems, the same ones in charge of giving life to successful musical games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Twitch Sings has a library of more than 2,000 songs.

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The game features live singing, multiplayer modes for other streamers to sing together, and it also has features that allow chat to run the show, such as the ability to request songs or challenge the streamer while singing.

All songs in the library are the cover style instead of the original song, and the game analyzes how well you are singing and hitting the notes to reward you with experience.

Since the game is made by Twitch herself, no need to use third party streaming software to stream, but you can do it directly from the game and you can customize how your avatar will look while singing with multiple options. And although the game works offline, it is not exactly what it is made for.

Twitch is the platform par excellence for video game streamers and after fully entering the market with its own store, it is now taking a step further by producing its first exclusive title and also thinking especially for its content creators.

On the platform, Twitch Sings already has more than 17,000 followers and almost an average of 2,000 viewers. They may not be the most impressive numbers, but for a small title that just came out, it has quite a bit of potential.

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Via | PC Gamer