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The nine best free calculator apps for Android

24 mayo, 2021

The teachers of yesteryear complained about our dependence on the calculator arguing that “we were not going to always carry one in our pockets”, but that is exactly what has happened. We use mobile phones to communicate, take photos and, yes, they also work calculator, with the appropriate applications.

All phones have a pre-installed calculator app, although Google Play has much more to offer. If you are used to doing mathematical calculations with your mobile, don’t miss this selection of nine calculator apps for Android, all of them free.

Google calculator


We start with the most standard application that is not basic, the Google calculator application and pre-installed on a large number of terminals, except for the customization layers that include your own calculator, such as Samsung or MIUI.

It is not a calculator to do mathematical adventures, although it will serve you for practically all the normal calculations in the day to day and some a little more advanced, displaying the side panel (trigonometric or logarithmic calculations and functions). A positive point is that it has a current design, with dark mode included.



Calculator ++


When the name of the application has a “plus” in the name, that is usually that it brings extra functions, and in the case of Calculator ++, they are enough to justify the second. To begin with, it is launched in two ways: as normal or floating calculator.

The calculator itself has two modes: simple or scientific. In the latter, the number keys double functions as buttons for sines, cosines, tangents and the like, being accessible by touching and sliding the corresponding button up or down.

Calculator ++

Calculator ++



One “problem” with calculator applications is that some are slightly different from traditional scientific calculators, making it difficult to find the special buttons for each function. That does not happen with Wabitemu, which in itself does not do much: it is a calculator emulator.

With enough knowledge and dedication, you can load the ROM of your favorite calculator, although the application itself allows you generate ROM of open source calculators and load them on your mobile. The result is really attractive and, although it is not excessively smooth, it will be difficult for you to find a more realistic mobile calculator than these.



Hyper Scientific Calculator


Wabitemu is a near-perfect emulation of longtime scientific calculators, but this emulation involves some delay in response and can be cumbersome if you need to do a lot of operations. A good alternative is Hyper Scientific Calculator, which is more or less like a physical scientific calculator, but on mobile.

At first it appears to be identical to a scientific calculator, although it hides a unit converter and the graphical representation of the results. Its interface adapts to all screen sizes: pocket size for small mobiles, compact for mobiles and expanded for tablets.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER Scientific Calculator



From an application that simulates old-school calculators, we move on to a futuristic one that makes the most of new technologies: Photo Math, which use the mobile camera to solve math problems, saving you the heavy task of replicating the formulas and equations in the calculator on duty.

PhotoMath can not only read equations, but solves them and tells you each step, including explanations about what has been done in each one of them. By the way, it also has a “normal” calculator in which it can be easier to write formulas as the editor is more visual.

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One Calculator


One Calculator is an all-in-one calculator that looks simple in principle, but hides interesting functions not included in most of the alternatives. For example, it has a Unit converter of length, mass, distance, pressure and many more.

As a calculator, it has all the expected arithmetic functions, plus trigonometry, matrix calculus, and graphing equations. It is also quite customizable, with several themes and the possibility of showing or hiding some keys.

One Calculator - Calculator

One Calculator – Calculator

Floating calculator


If the best camera is the one you always carry with you, the best calculator is the one that is always visibleespecially while you are using other applications. We saw previously that Calculator ++ included its own floating mode, but Floating calculator is a simpler app for everyday use.

If you are simply looking for one normal and current floating calculator, able to adjust its position and size to make calculations while using other applications, here you will find only the most common operators.

Floating Calculator

Floating Calculator

Tricolor Calculator


The Tricolor calculator is one of the most popular on Google Play, with more than ten million downloads. Visually it does not differ much from the Google calculator, although this version only includes the standard arithmetic operators (Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

The strong point of this calculator is the ability to choose the color scheme that convinces you the most, with 12 color combinations to choose from and the possibility of also changing the size and appearance of the keys.





ClevCalc is a calculator app that tries to be smart (clever, in English) not by becoming a scientific calculator for engineers, but by adding all kinds of specific calculators.

Thus, you will find a unit converter, currency converter, discount calculator, an ovulation calculator, a GPA calculator, a loan calculator, and several more.

ClevCalc - Calculator

ClevCalc – Calculator