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the notepad will receive improvements through the Microsoft Store

27 mayo, 2021

The memo pad Windows is one of their most basic and oldest utilities, for years it has remained almost the same, but suddenly, a year ago, Microsoft decided that it deserved a little love, and after an eternity without changes, they decided to update the app with some interesting news.

And now it seems that it was not a single isolated event, because for the next version of Windows 10, the notepad will move to the Microsoft Store as a standalone app, so that your next updates arrive automatically and faster to all users.

In 2018 the notepad received support for the Unix / Linux and Macintosh end-of-lines for the first time, and by the time the October 2018 Update arrived, they had also added a new system to find and replace words, to remember previously entered values , a better search system with autocomplete, and even zoom in the text.

Standard Notes, a minimalist, cross-platform and open source notes app focused on privacy

But those are not the only improvements that Microsoft had planned, as they explained in the Windows blog, starting with build 18963 of Windows 10 for Insiders, they will be making some changes so that all the updates that the notepad receives will automatically arrive at through the Windows Store.

This means that by the time we have Windows 10 20H1, the notepad will become a standalone app you won’t have to wait for an operating system update to get updates. What we do not know at the moment is what these news are.


The independence of Windows 10 apps

Cortana Cortana in the Microsoft Store

Notepad isn’t the only one moving to the Microsoft Store for those same reasons, Cortana has been in the store for a few months now, just to stop depending on each major Windows 10 update to receive important news.

This is not to say that neither Cortana nor Notepad will stop coming pre-installed in Windows 10, but their updates will no longer depend on the system in general, which makes it easier and faster for their development teams to release new features. .

Upgrade– Notepad is now available from the Windows Store.