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The official Facebook app for Windows 10 will stop working at the end of this month

23 mayo, 2021

The official Facebook application for Windows 10 will stop working on February 28, as revealed by the company in an email. Users who have been using this way to consult their social network will be forced from that moment to use the browser again (or unofficial apps such as Socialize Up).

The personalized email sent by Facebook to the users of the application announces the date on which it will stop working and reminds them that “their favorite Facebook features” will still be available logging into through “the most current version of supported browsers”.

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In addition, the letter reminds users that, although Messenger can also be used in its web version, this company service will retain its desktop version, “available in the Microsoft Store”.

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Nothing allows to speculate with an imminent replacement of the current Facebook desktop app by a new application, Contrary to what happened last December with the Messenger apps (launched as Electron application) and Instagram (now available as PWA).

Before both renovations of your applications for Windows 10, Facebook had received multiple criticisms for them because of the long months between updates., whose most immediate consequence was that they lagged behind not only the functionalities offered by the web version, but also the mobile applications (for iOS and Android).

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The latest update of the Facebook Messenger app significantly reduced the high memory consumption of the previous version, in addition to implement most of the new features of the mobile versions, with the only exception of the search within the chats.

Somewhat less beneficial for its users was the update of the Instragram app: although its performance also improved, and it became better integrated into the system, lost some functionalities already implemented such as the ability to upload photos and support for direct messages.

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