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The Samsung Galaxy S9 receives night mode for the camera in the latest update

27 mayo, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was one of the flagship phones of the Koreans last season, and although it did not achieve the expected sales in the year, the manufacturer has continued to pamper him with different updates. From the security standards that arrive every month to other improvements to correct various malfunctions that have arisen.

The last one we have in our hands is the one that corresponds to the month of June, the one that brings the Google security patch of the month to the Galaxy S9. But this time we have another more than interesting addition in photography. As SamMobile previews, the June security update for the S9 add night mode to your camera. A dedicated night mode to make it even more powerful in photography.

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Night mode with artificial intelligence

Samsung Galaxy S9

It is not surprising that these movements occur within manufacturers’ catalogs. The phones release improvements that then run to other of their brothers, and the Galaxy S9 itself has already released AR Emojis or a super slow motion mode that we later saw coming to other phones on the Korean line. Now it has happened with the night mode of the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera, which lands in the house of its older brother last year.

The new night mode of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is thus incorporated into the phone’s native camera application as one more option to select on the screen, along with the automatic, video and companion modes. With it we can obtain brighter photographs at night with a better noise treatment. Although to achieve this we will need a good pulse, or support, because the phone will capture multiple images so you can combine them using artificial intelligence and thus improve them.

Night mode is incorporated as one more mode to the camera and arrives with the June update

In SamMobile they have already tried the new night mode of the Galaxy S9 and have noticed that Galaxy S10 original night mode photos are warmer and more saturated, but in general it works quite well compared to the photos that were obtained before receiving the mode. So, it only remains to wait for the owners of the Galaxy S9 to receive the update to enjoy this new photographic mode to go out to capture at night.

It would be logical that at least another phone from 2018 also received this mode in its next update, and that phone is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that closed the year of great company launches. We will wait to have more news about this to be able to bring them here. In the meantime, to wait for the update of the Galaxy S9 which, as we know, will be staggered and may take days or weeks to arrive.

Via | Sammobile