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the service in which any freelancer can be a courier

24 mayo, 2021

Amazon Flex is getting closer and closer to its official arrival in Spain. A few hours ago I launched a website where anyone can sign up for this service, which we have known since it was launched in 2015 in the United States.

The company continues to take steps in the market for Internet commerce and home delivery, and is now announcing the arrival in Spain of this system focused on self-employed workers. A paragraph on their website sums it up perfectly:

From Amazon Flex we offer you the opportunity to expand your income by helping us deliver packages. You only need to have a car, an Android or IOS mobile phone and a few free hours.

Flex: become an Amazon delivery person for two hours

Amazon Flex is still in the launch phase, but soon you will be able to take the step and, in addition to receiving packages, you will be able to start delivering them. As we have already seen, the premises are simple: be autonomous, have a device with Android or iOS, free hours and a means of transport.

The Flex delivery person will have to go to the corresponding logistics center, collect the packages and take them to their buyer. Mobile apps They are in charge of keeping track of the entire process: references, map, suggested routes, etc.

Amazon Flex

Those who decide to join Amazon Flex will have to do two hour shifts, which will be paid with 28 euros (14 euros per hour). Anyway, this price has a “trick”, since from these 28 euros you have to discount:

  • The freelance fee
  • The costs of the means of transport
  • Maintenance of the means of transport

Flex workers will charge 28 euros for two hours, but expenses must be deducted.

That means that it is designed for those people who already pay a freelance fee and have free time to earn a few extra euros. Amazon, for its part, manages to increase your fleet of delivery people to help you deliver as many Prime Now packages as possible.

Amazon is one of the main responsible for the disappearance of some shopping centers in our country. More and more people use this service to make their purchases, so those interested are surely very familiar with this platform.

In a way, we might come to think that Amazon cannot cope with the amount of orders they receive every day in our country, and options like Amazon Flex could help fix it.

The arrival of Flex makes us think about everything that happened in companies like Deliveroo, which this summer saw its workers put themselves on the warpath, denouncing a precarious and unsustainable situation.

Anyone who wants to be part of Amazon Flex just has to fill the form that appears in, specifying your name and surname, email and telephone number. We will have to wait to find out what reception this proposal has and if there really is a niche of workers that adapts to this very specific offer.

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