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The seven best phone dialer apps for Android

23 mayo, 2021

Sometimes we forget, but in addition to sending messages, taking incredible photos and consulting social networks, we can also use our phone to make phone calls. Your mobile undoubtedly already has an application dialer to make calls but, thanks to the magic of Android, you can change it for a better one.

We tend to install applications that improve those that come with the phone, but one that we do not usually worry about much is the phone. Is it because there are no decent alternatives? No, in fact, here I have compiled seven phone dialer apps who deserve a chance on your mobile.

Google Phone


Phone is Google’s dialer app, included on Pixel, Nexus, Android One, and Google Play Edition phones. It has a lot of cool features like antispam protection, the call blocking and the caller identification, although you can only install it -even from its APK- on previous phones. The latest versions are also only for Nougat 7.1.


TelephoneVaries by device



Unlike Google’s phone, Drupe is available to everyone. It is an application that combines contacts, predictive dialer and calculator. You can customize Drupe to your liking through themes, use the call recorder integrated or automatically block advertising calls.

Drupe is a bookmark that is not for everyone, as its interface is beyond the usual: it is a floating window which you can open at any time by swiping from the button overlaid on the screen.

Contacts & Phone - drupe

Contacts & Phone – drupe

ZERO Dialer


If you are not happy with the dialer included in the phone and you are looking for something simple just work And that also does not occupy too much, ZERO Dialer is a good alternative. It occupies a little more than 5 MB and it has a classic dialer interface that will make you feel right at home.

ZERO Dialer does not have too many add-ons, although it does have a number blocker phone, support to modify the interface by topics and compatibility with phones with Dual SIM.

ZERO Dialer & Contacts & Block

ZERO Dialer & Contacts & Block1.01

Ready Contacts


Ready Contacts is another all-in-one contact and dialer application that in this case bets on a Material Design interface with different themes available (paid option). The main peculiarity of Ready Contacts is that, when you receive a call, it shows you the latest messages or events that you share with that person in a floating window similar to Facebook bubbles, to put you in situation before responding.

Ready Contacts + Dialer

Ready Contacts + Dialer2.1.0

True caller


True Caller is one of the most popular phone apps, with over a hundred million downloads on Google Play. Its main promise lies in show you “always” who is calling you, allowing you in turn to block advertising calls automatically.

In order to obtain an outstanding identification of unknown numbers in return, you must provide your own information and register your account associated with your phone. An interesting function is that you can identify past calls, from the history.

Truecaller- ID and Lock

Truecaller- ID and Lock7.85



From the complexity of True Caller we return to a simpler marker in its approach. ExDialer is a dialer and contacts app that takes a lot of inspiration from the Google phone app. Has a very simple and intuitive interface, which simply works, without further ado. In addition, it occupies less than 5 MB.

ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts

ExDialer – Dialer & Contacts195

Clever Dialer

We close the list with Clever Dialer, a phone application with caller identification function that will automatically check if the number of the incoming call is registered as spam, letting you know before you reply.

Apart from caller identification, Clever Dialer has a very elegant interface in itself, allowing you to consult your contacts or make calls manually with your dialer with T9 text prediction.

Clever Dialer - ID and Lock

Clever Dialer – ID and Lock1.13.1

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