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The social network Bananity goes bankrupt after failing to gain a foothold in the network

27 mayo, 2021

Bananity, the Catalan social network of Albert Martí and Pau García-Milà, sponsored by illustrious figures such as the comedian Andreu Buenafuente or the former socialist minister of science and innovation Cristina Garmendia, has not managed to gain its own niche in the network and after closing its website it has entered bankruptcy.

Bananity was presented in November 2011 to propose a social network in which to share our emotions and preferences based on the things we loved and hated. The project got off to a good start, and was chosen by you as the best Spanish and Latin American online initiative of 2011.

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And although at the beginning of 2012 those in charge told us that they could not have started better, Bananity little by little it began to fall into oblivion, º and after García-Milà left to take charge of the sale of his other eyeOS project to Telefónica and the creation of Ideafoster, at the end of 2013 the social network reinvented itself, becoming a mix between Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

But it seems that that new path did not lead them to a good port either, and finally last Monday, February 2, Bananity presented a voluntary bankruptcy. And it is that in the authentic game of thrones disputed between the great world social networks it seems there is not much room for new proposals, and as much as these may interest at first, as in the case of Ello or Quitter, in the end people always keep coming back to his Facebook and Twitter “of a lifetime”.

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