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“The Task Manager is a shame and we have to fix it”

27 mayo, 2021

Among Windows users we are all brave until Task Manager fails. And it is that the legendary system tool is undoubtedly one of the most used lifesavers not only to review the current performance of our equipment, or the processes that consume the most resources, but to kill and get rid of those that may be causing a problem in a certain moment.

It’s just what he did Bruce dawson, a Google employee who decided to tweet an experience that many of us have had: his computer is slow, he opens the Task Manager to see that it is taking up all the CPU, but it is not responding.

Dawson further adds in another tweet what “Task Manager performance is just awful, it is not executed with high priority and is easily dizzy. “Although his complaint is extremely common and has little special, the tweet was seen by James clarke, a Microsoft employee working on the Windows user interface team:

Clarke replied to this that it seems a shame and that they should fix it. Even more interesting is that the conversation was joined Yosef durr, another Microsoft employee who works with Windows Terminal, WSL, and WinAppDriver.

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Durr claimed that he was interested in the bug as well and that they are looking at things like this, then added to Avri nichole to the thread, who works precisely on improving Windows performance, and finally the conversation also joined Ben betz, engineering director of the Your Phone app asking for the bug to be sent to him to present it in his internal technology talks.


Windows Task Manager has not been forgotten

Windows Task Manager

During the life and constant updates of Windows 10, the Task Manager has not been forgotten. Through several versions it has received several newsFrom showing exactly which processes consume the most battery to for the first time showing GPU resource consumption.

However, in the performance section it does not seem to have improved, and whoever uses it knows that sometimes it is the same monitor that ends up consuming more resources when we run it. What remains of this discussion is that perhaps someone at Microsoft will finally decide to push for a substantial improvement in the tool.

Microsoft has been working on several of its legacy tools and modernizing and optimizing them, even the notepad has received improvements. Hopefully the “shame” is not just a tweet, and that in the near future we will have a less volatile Task Manager.