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the television of the 70s, 80s and 90s emulated on a retro TV directly in your browser

27 mayo, 2021

If you grew up in the 70s, 80s or 90s, chances are that television was an important part of your life in some way. In times without the Internet, the average child’s entertainment consumption was to sit down and look at that box and hope they put something good, or see what was in that moment and that’s it.

This concept, which is losing more and more meaning in the era of video on demand, is exactly what the developer tries to emulate. Joey cato with their websites: My 70’s TV, My 80’s TV, and My 90’s TV. And it does it quite phenomenally.

Each website has a fairly simple interface, and each one is dedicated to a different decade of television. And although of course, it is the television of that time in the United States, much of that content was imported in the rest of the world and without a doubt you will find many familiar things whether you are from Spain or Latin America, especially in the case of music.

The page for each era shows a television corresponding to the era, and you can interact with it just like we did in medieval times without a remote control, just for fun. Flipping through the channels is a lot of fun, with sound effects and static included. That wonderful white noise.

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You can choose to show all categories, or choose only music and cartoons for example. The channels are changed randomly, there are even commercials between shows. The amount of time you can waste there is ridiculous.

Personally, I stayed for a long time on TV from the 80s, marking only the music and I enjoyed it immensely. You can clearly tell that the videos are sourced from YouTube, but the job of collecting each one and putting together these interactive sites is all Joey. Happy time travel.

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