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The three best apps to scan photos with your mobile and save them forever

22 mayo, 2021

Now we carry almost all of our photographs on our mobile. When they are not directly on our phone, they are in an online storage service such as Google Photos or similar, but it was not like that before. The photographs were transferred from the photographic reel to the paper and there they remained, ready to be kept in albums. A practice that continues today, although in a much more minority way.

In fact, before we had a single shot or two when now we can shoot as many times as we want without increasing the cost, which is why older photographs are so valuable, but we can scan them into the digital world. Take photographs to photographs on paper so you never lose them storing them, for example, in the cloud and for this we can use specific apps for this scanning task.

FotoScan from Google Photos

Google Photoscan

We can start this compilation talking about the app of the owners of the operating system in which we are. Google with its FotoScan, which also has a artificial intelligence (really an algorithm of machine learning) that will guide us through the process, which is actually quite simple.

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We simply have to focus on the photograph that we want to scan or photograph and make a first capture. Then, the app places four circles on it that we will have to center on the screen so that more additional photographs are taken and, combining them, remove glare. The result is, as you can see in the screenshots, surprising.

FotoScan from Google Photos

FotoScan from Google Photos

Quisquee – Photo Scan, Photo Editor


Under this curious name we have an app that fulfills its mission quite well, although the truth is that it does not put too much on its part to improve results. The operation is quite simple since we will only have to shoot and frame, although the app does not correct small defects that we can have in edges due to the inclination.

As we say, the operation is simple. The app shows us the image of the camera to focus the photograph to be scanned and a touch on the camera is used to capture it. Later, points appear in the corners that we can move to adjust the contour and the app straightens them to offer us completely rectangular or square images. The problem is that, if we fail something in an edge, the app does not correct it or warn us, and the interface is not optimized to see what is under our own finger, which complicates framing. Still, we can go back and reframe if we want to. Simple.

Photo Scan, Photo Editor - Quisquee

Photo Scan, Photo Editor – Quisquee

  • Price: Free (offers purchases)
  • Developer: CJSVM
  • Download it at: Google play

Photo Scanner


A simple name for a simple app that, as was the case with Quisquee, doesn’t do much to help us out. But again we have quite intuitive operation that allows us to capture the image, place the corners to make the cut and take the final image to the gallery of our phone.

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In itself, the application offers us to choose between the different camera apps that we have installed (if we have several) and we just have to focus and shoot. Then we have the reframing phase, with a matrix whose corners we can drag as far as we want the cut to be applied. Then we just have to click on “Crop” and voila, photo available to save in the gallery. But as in Quisquee, our own finger does not allow us to see the corners well and the process can be long.

Photo Scanner

Photo Scanner