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The Vivaldi browser is updated to version 3.5 further improving your privacy

27 mayo, 2021

The Vivaldi web browser improves its version for Android mobiles and tablets with the new 3.5 update: complete cleaning of browsing data when exiting the app, blocking of WebRTC transmission and filtering notes and bookmarks.

On Android we have an immense number of web browsers, starting with the almost ubiquitous Google Chrome. Manufacturers such as Samsung or Xiaomi have their own browser, which is also compatible with other Android devices. And then we have mobile versions of desktop apps, like Firefox, Opera, Brave or one of the most recent, Vivaldi. This browser, specialized in privacy, is updated with remarkable frequency. And version 3.5 is already among us.

Data cleanup on closing, notes and favorites search

Vivaldi Privacy

The Vivaldi browser for Android already specialized in user privacy since it is one of its keys. The app has been on the Android system for more than a year. And during this time we have witnessed a constant evolution with successive updates that were much more than aesthetic. Now comes version 3.5 of Vivaldi with notable improvements in the protection of user privacy.

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As Vivaldi herself highlights, version 3.5 of its Android browser now offers complete data cleaning when exiting the app. Once the option is selected from the settings, Vivaldi will delete the browsing logs, data and cookies from the pages viewed, it will empty the cache completely and close all open tabs. This option can be applied to all elements or only to some, everything will depend on what is selected.

Vivaldi 3.5 for Android now offers more privacy to those who are browsing through a VPN. With the disabling WebRTC transmission the webs will not be able to know the authentic IP of the user. This WebRTC transmission can be disabled from the privacy options.

Finally, the Vivaldi update improves the use of built-in notes and bookmarks: the browser integrates filters with which to locate any of the saved notes and bookmarks.

Vivaldi 3.5 is now available on the Google Play Store: if you use this app, go directly to your store to update it. And if you still don’t know the browser you can download it directly to find out if Vivaldi fits your needs.

Vivaldi: fast browser with ad blocking

Vivaldi: fast browser with ad blocking