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the web of words that have no translation in other languages

24 mayo, 2021

Eunoia is a word of Greek origin that means “beautiful thought”, although from now on we will also relate it to a web page that aims to collect words that have no translation in other languages. is a platform created by Steph Smith, a young Canadian developer. Its design is very clean and functional, designed so that the words have all the prominence.

How to define and translate words in the browser without having to leave the page you are reading

A platform for words unique

On top we will find a search engine where you can search by word, language or tag. At the moment, the languages ​​with the most “untranslatable” words are German, Japanese and Spanish.

Its operation is very simple. We can, for example, put “french” and all the words in French that do not have translation into other languages ​​will appear. One of the most important points about Eunoia is that we can play an audio to know how it sounds.

Window And Eunoia Words That Don T Translate

In the middle column there is an explanation (in English) that tells us what that term means. We can also search for a certain word, such as “saudade” in Portuguese.

Searching by tag the results are even more unexpected. For example, searching for “food” will bring up terms in several languages. Here I have found “snack”, “desktop” and “cloying”.

Eunoia Words That Don T Translate

The best of all is that we can help this platform continue to grow, and in the upper right part we will find a button to “suggest” new words. We will simply have to enter the word, its definition, the language and a label.

Once we have sent it they will be in charge of reviewing it, and when they have done it it will appear in Eunoia. Hopefully this website continues to grow and one day there will be a version in Spanish.