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the web to watch movies and series will now be called Playdede

21 mayo, 2021

The row of sites ending in “dede” that have inherited the place that Pordede had as one of the Most popular websites in Spain to watch movies and series online, It is one that does not stop spreading.

First it was Plusdede, and after it closed, Megadede made its way, and after his death in September 2020, now we have a new candidate waiting to receive all those users who were orphaned at the time: Playdede.

Starts the 7-day countdown

Unlike the previous versions of this website, Playdede will arrive with a whole new design. Those in charge of this project have renamed the official Megadede Telegram channel and the Twitter account, from where they made their first announcement, indicating that the website (which is in beta at the moment) will be launched in the coming days.

On there is a countdown that has just over a week left. If you were a Megadede user and had downloaded your lists in CSV, you can upload them to this new portal to retrieve your content.

As for mobile apps, they indicate that they will be developed once the web is open. Playdede will mainly offer only external links for both download and playback, but there will be players on the platform itself.

Now we just have to wait for the new release and see how long it lasts online. If the pattern established so far holds, it is likely that sooner or later Playdede will also close and a new variant will take its place, and yet still, a few years and changes later, users from the long list of sites can still use the same original content lists.