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The YouTube website already allows you to watch vertical videos without black stripes on the sides

26 mayo, 2021

Regardless of who it weighs, it seems that this time vertical videos are here to stay. Not only has Facebook supported them with the creation of IGTV, but now YouTube has been updated to display vertical videos without causing annoying black stripes to appear on both sides.

The update has been announced this weekend in the community YouTube forums, where they have explained that from now on the player of YouTube will automatically adapt to the video format. The intention is to respect the ratio of these videos to optimize the viewing experience.

Until now, when viewing a video that did not have a 16: 9 landscape format, YouTube would put black stripes on the sides, making the video appear smaller. But now, both vertical and 4: 3 videos They will be seen in a clean way and without a trace of these stripes.

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This is what the differences look like

Difference On the left how it looked before, on the right how it looks now.

The difference in videos with 4: 3 format can be seen in the image above. On the left you have how the videos looked up to now, and on the right how they start to look from this weekend. You can see how at remove stripes to fit video size, YouTube makes this one look a bit bigger.

Difference 2 On the left how it looked before, on the right how it looks now.

As we see in this second comparative photograph, the difference is even more noticeable with vertical videos. By removing the black stripes from the videos, they gain a little more width, and can be seen a little larger.

We must not forget that this is a newly introduced change, so YouTube will still have to fine tune it with the errors that are being reported. For example, in the same community where they made the announcement, there are already users talking that some videos are now smaller or that when they get taller, it is now more difficult to comment while watching the video.

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