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There are only four types of users on Facebook and this study proves it

23 mayo, 2021

We could think that there are two types of people on Facebook: those who post interesting things or those that we have to end up mutating. A new study, published by the International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking, affirms that in Mark Zuckerberg’s social network we can find four very marked personalities:

  • Relationship builders
  • Peepers
  • Town criers
  • Selfies

To reach this conclusion, researchers from the School Communication at Brigham Young University asked study participants to respond to a list of 48 sentences. Statements such as “Facebook is a source of stress, it depresses me“or” Facebook is a way to get immediate help. “

The participants had to order these statements on a scale that ranged from “looks like me” to “doesn’t look like me at all”. It should be made clear that the study took people between the ages of 18 and 32, so older or younger people might not be identified.

These are the four types of people that were found:


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Relationship builders

According to the study, these people use this platform to strengthen existing relationships with family and friends. Facebook is an extension of your offline life.

They do not consider Facebook a “virtual society”, and see it as a small place to share personal stories with their family and friends. The study reveals that these types of people tend to share a lot and see a lot of the videos and photos that are published. They frequently comment on others’ posts and participate in conversations.


This group feel a “social obligation” to be on Facebook. You could say that they see Facebook as a tool of modern life that you cannot escape from. The interesting point is that they do not usually post personal information, share photos or status. They don’t even comment much or like other things.

It would be an equivalent to that people who spend the day looking at others. Members of this group identified themselves with phrases such as “I have to use Facebook to stay connected with others.”

Town criers

They are usually activists, journalists or event organizers who see Facebook as a platform on which to promote their interests. Unlike relationship builders, your virtual world doesn’t look like your real life.

They get to post things without caring if someone reads or likes them. Usually, they tend to share the latest memes or try to raise awareness about the latest alarming news. For them, Facebook is the best place to do this.

What you can’t ask them to share something personal. The town criers are focused on inviting you to events or informing you of something, but they do not usually share “private” information on the social network.


Selfies often use Facebook as relationship builders (posting photos, videos, commenting, etc.) but most of all, they do it to draw attention to their person. The more likes they receive, the more they feel approved by their peers.


One of the study participants stated that “taking a photo and leaving it on your mobile is uselessBut once you post it on Facebook it shows that you’ve done something. ”Ironically, this group doesn’t seem to care about how they present themselves to others.

Knowing all this, with which of the four groups do you identify? (if you have Facebook, obviously).

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