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There is a “simple” version of Wikipedia especially for children or adults who are learning English.

27 mayo, 2021

Maybe you knew it, maybe you didn’t, but in addition to the “normal” Wikipedia, there is a version of it in English called “Simple English Wikipedia” in which Simpler English is used, both with words and with simpler grammar.

The objective of this Wikipedia, which unfortunately has no equivalent in Spanish, is to be used by anyone, but especially for children, students, people who are learning English, or those who have an impairment that makes reading or learning more difficult.


MIT scientists in defense of Wikipedia as a source of information

Simple Wikipedia in English is not a new project at all, in fact it was created in November 2003, according to the same Wikipedia article on Simple Wikipedia, and the articles published there have the requirement that they should use shorter sentences and simpler words than normal Wikipedia.

Simple Wikipedia

This is not to say that your articles are short or superficial., the objective is to help to better understand the information with a less complex vocabulary. It does not mean that the readers of simple Wikipedia want, forgive the redundancy, simpler information, those who write should take that into account and expand their articles with details, only using basic vocabulary.

It is probably more difficult to write articles for a simple Wikipedia than for a normal Wikipedia, it is to explain even the most complex things with the simplest vocabulary

This version has 139,597 published entries, at least at the time of writing this article, compared to the 5,736,591 of the normal English Wikipedia that represents 11.7% of all articles and is the language with the most entries. As in the usual Wikipedia, all articles are free to use and published under Creative Commons licenses.

Simple Wikipedia may be more than 10 years old, but this server had not found out until a few days ago. Proof that there is always something new or old to discover on the Internet. Your goal seems to me the epitome of everything Wikipedia stands for, that idea of ​​making knowledge available to everyone.

Cover image | Michael Mandiberg