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there is no longer a limit to the songs you can save in your library

27 mayo, 2021

Although it is something that not too many people know, in Spotify “only” 10,000 songs can be saved in each user’s library. If you are one of those “special” users for whom this represents a problem, like my colleague Santi Araujo, you are within the 1% of all those who use Spotify.

Hence, the company did not find it too dramatic that such a limit existed, despite the fact that for years, a noisy minority have been calling for it to be increased or eliminated entirely. Something that from today will be a reality.

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What a collection! Your library is no longer full

Spotify Limit The message that came out when your collection was filled with 10,000 songs

Felipe Carvalho, Spotify team developer confirmed the change from his Twitter account, saying that now “you can add as many songs as you want to your list of Songs that you like“.

He explains that for some time he had been working with a small team to make the necessary changes that would allow this. The tweet was in response to a complaint from a user who had been saying that been waiting since 2017, when the idea of ​​increasing the size of the library was marked as “good” in the Spotify community.

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Just in that same community, a couple of hours ago the ad was published under the title “Save, save, save.” Many users have been waiting since 2014, when the petition to remove the cap was first published and garnered 12,500 votes.

No more

Changes will affect all songs and albums marked as I like, that is, the same function that saves them in your library. There will no longer be that limit of 10,000 items that once reached it would show you a message saying that you had a small collection but if you wanted to save more you had to delete something else.

It is something that, as Spotify itself said, affected only 1% of users, but considering that the service has more than 230 million users, of which 108 are premium subscribers, that 1% is still quite a lot of people. . And if you’ve been using the service for more than a decade, as some of us do, you may be approaching that limit and expecting disappointment.