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these are all active commands you can use

23 mayo, 2021

The Google Home Mini and Home Max are two devices to be able to access the Google Assistant at any time. A small gadget that we will place in the living room or kitchen and will act as a smart speaker, one that we can ask for information, ask it to play a song and also control other smart devices such as the television or lights.

His arrival in Spain and Mexico is imminent and proof of this is that we can now use Google Home in SpanishBoth in its version of Spain and in that of Mexico and the US They are not yet for sale despite the fact that they were leaked from El Corte Inglés. However, our unit bought in the US and which to date only worked in English, finally lets us configure it to our language and be able to test in advance what Google Home will offer us in Spanish.

Google Homes already speak in Spanish: how to set the language

Google Home English

To configure one of these Google Home devices we will need to download the application of the same name. It is the same application that is already used for Chromecasts. Once we have the Google Home application on the mobile, we must synchronize the device by following the steps that the app itself recommends. Pairing is very easy.

By default our unit came in English, but we understand that the Google Home Mini and Max bought in Spain or Mexico will come directly with the language of the assistant in Spanish. To change the language we had to go to side menu> more configuration options> Living Room Speaker> Assistant Language> Spanish (Spain). When we bought it it was only available in English and German, French and Italian were recently added and this week we finally have Spanish available.

All the commands that we can use in Google Home

Assistant configuration

What can we do with Google Home? In practice the same that allows us Google Assistant in Spanish. Here we have from being able to ask him random information, ask him to detail us what our agenda is, make him put a specific song, get news, set alarms and also act as a multimedia center in our home. During these months of use, in my case I have used it mainly in synchronization with the television to show me the videos I wanted.

We are going to detail which are the specific commands that Google Home recommends in Spanish. It is the same list that we have in English except that for example there are some options such as news where Google Home will warn us that it still does not support these results.

Resolve doubts

Which is the Brasil’s capital? Why is the sky blue? What is the company with the most data in the world? The main use of Google Home is to answer questions as if we were looking for information in the search engine, except that it will be by voice and we will get the answer in Spanish.

Get news

As we have discussed, by asking “What’s in the news?” He will reply that the option is not yet available. However, we can manage our news sources and establish which media we want to listen to.

Get sports results

Now that the Soccer World Cup begins, Google will allow us to ask you any kind of detail. “When is the next game for the Spanish team?” or “Who has scored the most goals?” With Google Home we have a device to discover all these results quickly, very useful if we do not remember when our team plays.

Voice Commands

Buying everyday things

From the Google Home application we can establish a purchase list. One of the commands that we can carry out is the “What’s on my shopping list?” The device will detail the items on the list.

Have fun and minigames

The Google Home Mini continues to be an accessory and also serves as entertainment. With Google Home in Spanish we can ask you to try to discover what we are thinking, to play us a random sound or to toss a coin. We also have minigames and a dice launcher. The latter is very useful since we can also set the number of dice.

Set alarms

Another very useful use of Google Home is to set alarms. With the voice we can ask him to remind us to call someone at a certain time or to wake us up at 9 tomorrow.

Get weather information

“Is it going to rain on Monday”? “How is the weather in Barceloneta Beach?”. Asking for information about the weather is another one of those simple uses that we will end up using constantly. And this is where the power of Google Home lies, in asking things by voice and getting an answer in a much shorter time than it would take to search for it with the mobile.

Find nearby places

The Google Homes also have access to the location and this will help them to ask for information about nearby establishments, as well as their phone number or hours. Unlike Google Assistant for mobile, we do not have direct access to calls.

Get travel information

“Has my flight been delayed?”

Google Home Information

Set timers

In the same way that we can set alarms at a certain time, we can also create timers. This will go very well in the kitchen, to control cooking times.

Get translations

“How do you say ‘cannelloni’ in Japanese?” “Translate ‘you are the most beautiful’ into English.” With Google Home we have the full potential of Google Translate at our fingertips. The results with words or short phrases are very good, not so for long phrases as it ends up getting messy.

Meet your assistant

As if it were an artificial intelligence with its own personality, Google engineers have wanted to give the assistant a touch of personality and we can ask for information about it. From what is your opinion on Skynet to if you are hungry (for knowledge).

Get financial notifications

In case we have stocks, it can be very useful to ask about their behavior. The answer will tell us the current value, the rise and where they trade.

Conduct conversations

Imagine that you have the Google Home in the kitchen and the recipe is in ounces or in some unit that we do not control. Through a simple command we can ask you for the conversion to the international system.

Get nutritional information

Again another command oriented to the kitchen. We can ask about the number of calories in an ingredient or how much vitamin C has an orange.

Search for words

Google Home can also help us find definitions quickly. “What does ‘overwhelming’ mean? Or” Defines royalty. ”

Other uses of Google Home

Google Home is already in Spanish and the truth is that it is a device with many possibilities. In addition to the commands recommended by the application itself, we also have other uses that range from performing calculations, reviewing our agenda for the day, play music from Spotify, request to play a specific chapter of Netflix or turn on the Philips Hue lights.

We will wait to know the details of the arrival of Google Home to Spain and Mexico, but as we see it is a very powerful product that perfectly understands our language.

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