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These are all the free services, applications and games that companies offer to help cope with the coronavirus

27 mayo, 2021

The quarantine confinement of the entire population of Spain and Italy due to the coronavirus, and expectations that several western countries may move in that direction in the short term, is motivating changes in users’ daily habits, the most notable of which is the increase in teleworking and the consumption of online leisure services.

To cope with these changes, as well as to try to give a hand to users, so that they do not suppose an unforeseen expense difficult to assume in an unfavorable economic situation, many companies have announced initiatives to make their products available for a time for free, or so that their free products have functionalities added to those they already enjoyed.


The Adobe Creative Cloud service, which includes both access to your graphic design software suite and file storage space, it will be free access until May 31, 2020 for those users who are already using it in their educational and work centers. Namely, this option is not open to any user who wants to use Creative Cloud for two and a half months, but is focused on temporarily facilitating teleworking and following online classes.

“We believe that by doing so it will be possible to keep course work, teamwork and student progress on the road through in-home access to Creative Cloud for students and educators.”

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Yes, it will be free, even for individuals and organizations that are Amazon customers., access to Adobe Connect, the company’s video conferencing and webinar solution. Whoever registers to obtain a trial license before June 1 will be able, until that date, to communicate simultaneously with up to 25 users of the platform.


Avid Avid Pro Tools

Avid, the developer of multimedia editing software such as Media Composer, Sibelius, and Pro Tools, also offers free temporary licenses until April 17, which will allow the free use of your tools for 90 days. Again, as in the case of Adobe Creative Cloud, the promotion will be available to those who are already using said software in their companies and educational institutions.


Another video conferencing software, Webex, from Cisco, is also offering free 90-day licenses to companies, including in this case those who had not previously paid for the use of this tool, which admits up to 100 users per videoconference (and availability of telephone access to them).


Cloudflare, one of the largest cybersecurity and web infrastructure providers, has decided remove limitations on trial licenses for your products Cloudflare Access (VPN) and Cloudflare Gateway (firewall) for the next six months.

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Last week he announced that this option would be available only to small businesses, but days later he announced that they had thought better of it and that they would make it available to all customers regardless of their size.


The MOOCs platform Coursera, one of the largest repositories of online courses on the Net, has enabled a specific portal for universities to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis to register and allow up to 5,000 students to have free access to a catalog of 3,800 courses and 400 specializations.

Centers have until July 31 to register, but participating students may complete the courses of their choice by September 30 of this year.

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Discord’s video streaming service, Go Live, has so far allowed users to share their views of their games and applications with 10 simultaneous users for free. From now on, however, this limit will be multiplied by 5, up to 50 users.

This Discord offer, intended for “teachers to continue teaching, co-workers can continue to collaborate, and groups continue to meet” lacks a pre-set deadline, but will be “temporary” in any case.


FlixOlé is a humble competitor of Netflix, focused on national cinema and video store movies (Here you can see some examples of his catalog of more than 3,000 films). Even if you are not a preferred consumer of that kind of cinema, you may take a look at the platform now that they offer one month of free access if you register using the code ‘I’LL STAY’.


The search engine company has announced that those who are already customers of its G Suite and G Suite for Education products, will have from now free access to your Hangouts Meet video conferencing features (Until now this tool was only included in the Enterprise version of the application).

This assumes access to videoconferences of up to 250 participating users, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a given domain, and the option to record video conferences and automatically upload them to Google Drive.

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“We are committed to supporting our users and customers during this difficult time, and we continue to scale our infrastructure to support increased demand for Hangouts Meet, ensuring fast and reliable access to it during this period.”

Kiosk and More

Kiosko y Más is a platform that allows us to subscribe to the digitized version of a wide range of newspapers and magazines that we can see every day in physical kiosks. One of the companies integrated into this platform, the Hearst Group (which publishes magazines such as ELLE, Fotogramas, SuperTele, Car & Driver and 15 others in Spain) has announced that Access to their publications available on Kiosko y Más will be free until April 1.

Korg / Moog

Korg and Moog are two different companies, but with something in common: both develop mobile applications for music synthesispopular with musicians, and both have announced their free availability for a limited time.

Moog’s Minimoog Model D is available for iOS devices and will be free for an undisclosed time; while Kaossilator, from Korg, will be until the 20th (if you are an Android user) and until the 31st (if you are an iOS user).


Lingokids, a Spanish startup specialized in teaching English to children between the ages of 2 and 8, announced last Friday that it would make available to 1,000 Spanish Infant and Primary schools free licenses of its mobile application so that its students could continue to his English studies in the middle of his quarantine.

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Loom, a video recording software, has announced that will remove the recording limits from your free plan, which will reduce the price of its Pro version by 50% (and will extend its trial period from 30 to 60 days). All of it Until July 1st, when the coronavirus crisis is estimated to have ended in the US:

“While Loom is used daily by all types of people and teams, not just remotely and distributed, our product is particularly useful for those who, for whatever reason, cannot be in the same room.”


Microsoft Teams, the Microsoft tool integrated into Office 365 and designed to allow collaborative work, offers free licenses until January 1, 2021 that remove the restrictions on the number of users that the freemium version had until now.

Movistar + Lite

Movistar + Lite is an online service for non-customers of the operator that allows access to original Movistar Plus series, sports and movies. Until a few days ago, after the free trial month of the platform, you had to pay, but after the start of the quarantine, Movistar offers a free month for everyone, whether they were already customers of the service (they save a fee) or not (they could even enjoy another month of trial if they had already done so).



Pornhub is the world’s largest online porn platform, and its latest business decision has made even the general media talk about it: it has decided to give free access to its premium paid content to users in quarantine in Italy and Spain. Said access does not require any kind of user registration, it is automatic based on the user’s IP of origin.


Zoho Remotely, Zoho’s web suite of remote work and office software from Zoho, will be free access until July 1 of this year.

Freepik Company

The Malaga company Freepik Company, which manages the portals Freepik (for photographs and illustrations), Flaticon (for icons) and Slidesgo (for presentations), has launched its initiative “Giving Support against Covid-19”, consisting of two measures:

  1. Create hundreds of specific graphic resources about the coronavirus and make them available to any user for free on the 3 websites: Freepik, Flaticon and Slidesgo.
  2. Enable Premium accounts in Freepik and Flaticon for free and for 3 months to professionals in education, health, the media and public institutions that request it.

“We know that our graphic resources are more useful than ever at the moment and this is the reason why we give Premium access to professionals who need to develop their training and information work.”

Sports Interactive / SEGA

Football Manager 2020

Sports Interactive and SEGA have announced that the PC and Mac version of their Football Manager 2020 video game, which allows us to direct all aspects of a football team of our choice, will be available for free until the early hours of Wednesday, March 25 on the Steam platform. After that moment, users who want to continue playing must purchase it at its usual price (€ 54.99).

Rakuten TV

The Rakuten TV platform has announced that it expands the content available in its FREE section, offering more than 100 films at zero cost. In this section, users will be able to find free channels among which Hollywood’s great feature films stand out on the Movies channel; the children’s channel Kids; and Rakuten Stories, a channel that brings together original and exclusive Rakuten TV productions, several of them linked to the world of sports.


Hootsuite, the web and mobile application for managing multiple social profiles, has announced that will offer, until July 1, free access to its Professional Plan to non-profit organizations and SMEs (“which in many cases are being the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis”), which can be requested at this link.

In addition, the company will also offer a series of free online courses to support businesses in healthcare, financial services, higher education, and government organizations.


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