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These are the 11 best online storytellers for the little ones

22 mayo, 2021

Rest your back against the soft pillow and feel the slow rocking of the infantile leader, who shakes with each breathing on his chest. Gently caress her tiny golden curls and take a deep breath to continue reading. The little boy’s eyes roam the pages, eager to know how the story will continue.

What to tell a story To our children it constitutes one of the joys of life is an undeniable reality that most parents will have experienced. However, we do not always have the energy to give “that touch” to the narrative. A moment in which some alternative resources that will continue to promote the love of the youngest members of the home are worthwhile. Yes, because these are the best online storytellers for your children.

Storyteller Beatriz

In Beatriz Montero Storyteller, we ran into this professional; a storyteller who chooses different children’s stories and “represents” them in the most traditional style. The video begins precisely with the cover of the book and does not usually last more than four minutes. The best thing is that it is not a cartoon with drawings but real illustrations of the story are alternated with a brief interpretation.

Something that, at least one servant, has made her remember those library afternoons in which, in a circle, we listened expectantly to the end of a story that only whetted our appetite for books, and for learning to read even better. . Some regards which, of course, has been worth evoking. In addition, the channel includes material focused on parents, such as guidelines for them to learn to enjoy children’s books and more.

Storytelling of Salvat

Cuentos de Salvat is one of the most complete YouTube storytellers you’ll find. In fact, its content is structured in different categories, among which we highlight classic tales, tales of the world, fables and other tales. A selection in which the learning and in which stories of all kinds are included.

Specifically, it is about reading the stories published by this editorial, most of which begin with the classic “Once upon a time.” The selection of voices is memorable and reminiscent of old Disney movies. We do not stop recommending it. Yes, even if it has that old air.

Stories and Talents

Although it is very similar to the previously reviewed Mountain View video platform spaces, Cuentos y Talentos is perfect for Spanish speakers. Thus, the channel collects the best-known stories from South America and carries out a dramatization. It includes as protagonists the narrators themselves, who are immersed in a multitude of scenarios (drawn).

Voragine Nueronal 2

Voragine Nueronal 2, on the other hand, and despite its name, integrates not only a video section called Cuentilandia (where it deals with the most traditional stories), but also another titled Children’s Video Stories. And although it is not so stimulating when it comes to encouraging reading, it is useful for those children who are located in the earliest age ranges, especially if we want them to get hold of those. values and basic concepts typical of stories.

Beyond YouTube, there are also other pages focused on storytellers that will delight the little ones. This is the case of, a space that has its corresponding applications for Android and iOS and that will give you the possibility of taking the story with you wherever you go. Something very comfortable and didactic, since it is about video narrations and fables like La Lechera, The Prince and the Pauper, Aladdin and other folk tales that will instruct your children.

Short stories

Cuentosinfantiles -although it has its own space on the Google video platform- is another of these websites focused on children’s stories. The best thing is the organization of the page, which has sections for classic, short, grandparents, animals, monsters, horror, fairies, etc. children’s stories; as well as other sectors designed for your children to learn values ​​such as tolerance, solidarity, love, responsibility, respect, obedience, equality and the like.

A thousand stories

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Mil Tales, on the other hand, turns the little ones into storytellers. Thus, his selection of stories not only includes stories of all types but they are found read by children. A trait that will allow your children to empathize and stay attentive, especially since they have to “turn the page”, giving the ok.

Its operation is easy: just select the story, click on “start story” and follow the letters that appear on the right of the screen, perhaps its most outstanding virtue and what differentiates it from most platforms of this type. Most stories are also well known, although the variety is wide.


Screenshot 2016 05 04 At 1 34 17

Despite its chaotic and obsolete interface, we cannot ignore the resources of cprmérida, a website where we come across not only stories, but also stories Narrated by their own authors, as well as with others that include activities, vocabulary and a long etcetera that will stimulate your little ones. In addition, they are structured according to their difficulty.

Among its virtues, we are left with this: when we click on the title of the story in question, it opens a page where we have the possibility to read the story, listen to it, see it animated, know the personality of the author through an interview, translate it into English, extract the dialogues to represent it and other resources that will be very useful.

Visual learners

Screenshot 2016 05 03 At 23 10 00

A little different, we could not stop talking about Visual Learners, an application designed for children autistic and developed by Miriam Reyes, a young architect who, after detecting this problem in her cousin, decided to get down to work and develop a tailor-made application.

A system that takes into account your way of learning -Mainly visual- and that offers quality material so that these little ones can enjoy the stories as any other would. And it seems that the project is succeeding, as in 2015, it was won the Mazda Challenge award.

Other considerations

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Apart from what has been commented, we cannot lose sight of the fact that this class of tools should be used as a complement and, in no case, completely replace the father’s narration because, as indicated by the psychologist Rosa Bañuls, a specialist in child therapy, “this kind of practices are capable of reinforcing the affective bonds between children and adults” and create unique moments that they will remember lifetime.

On the other hand, Mar Teruel, a primary school teacher, indicates that they can also be used as support method in the classroom but it is essential to be by the child’s side. It is not about leaving them alone with the computer or tablet – as many parents do to ignore when they go out to eat, for example – but about being with them, explaining what they are seeing, and so on.

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“We are in the same old: technology is not bad in itself, but it makes things easier in general terms. The crux of the matter lies in the use or abuse that is made of it ”, concludes this teacher. From these lines, we can only agree. However, regarding the “library storyteller”, both agree that a YouTube channel or an application will never be able to cope with the interaction -With other little ones- rigged at those moments.

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