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these are the alternatives that Google proposes

25 mayo, 2021

After several rumors, Google confirmed a month ago that in July they would stop being synchronized two of its most important applications: Google Photos and Google Drive. Until now, any modification you made in one of them was replicated in the other, but as of today, the images that we upload to Drive will not be shown in Photos and vice versa, in the same way as if we delete a photo in one of the apps, the other will not disappear.

The reason for this dissociation, as explained by the Mountain View company in a statement, is prevent accidental file deletion and achieve a simplified, less confusing experience. This change affects all devices and platforms (iOS and Android).

‘Backup and sync’ as an alternative


Starting today, as we say, sync ends between Google Drive and Google Photos, so new photos and videos that we upload, edit, or delete in Drive will not automatically be saved, edited, or disappear in Photos, and vice versa. The only way to have the changes reflected in both applications will be, therefore, to do it manually.

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If we do not want to resort to third-party applications, from Google, they propose a solution called Backup and synchronization. It is a desktop application for Mac and Windows that allows us upload the photos and videos we just added to Google Photos to Drive. To do this, you have to install it on the computer and follow the following steps:

  • Open ‘Backup & Sync’.

  • Click on ‘More’ and then select ‘Preferences’.

  • Turn on ‘Upload recently added photos and videos to Google Photos’.

Of course, you must bear in mind that, in this case, the image is loaded in both services, but each file remains individually, so edits and deletions are not reflected in both. In other words, if you delete or edit a photo or video from your computer, it will remain the same in Google Photos; And if you delete an image from Google Photos, it won’t disappear from Google Drive or your computer.

Another option: Upload manually from Drive

Google Photos

The second alternative that Google proposes is a new option within Google Photos, called ‘Load from Drive’ that will allow us manually choose photos and videos from Google Drive to send to Google Photos, including ‘Shared with me’ items. The process is very simple: just click on ‘Upload’ and select ‘From Google Drive’.

And we talk in the future because, at the moment, it is not available yet, but this option will appear soon in the Photos application itself. In this case, Google itself warns us that, once copied, the elements in original quality will count towards the storage quota both in Drive and in Photos.

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