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these are the best applications to use it

26 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp is by far the most used mobile messaging application in the world. But its web application, for the occasions when we want to ‘whatsapear’ from the PC, does not arouse the same enthusiasm.

So Unofficial clients for this platform multiply on all operating systems: In Linux, specifically, it is difficult to keep track of these kinds of applications, because several of those that achieved a certain fame at the time have stopped updating (and, of course, also working).

A) Yes, Whatsie and WhatsApp-Desktop are no longer with us. But fortunately they have had quite capable substitutes for some time: Ketsie WhatsApp and WhatsDesk.


Ketsie WhatsApp


Ketsie WhatsApp is a Easy to use desktop WhatsApp, with frequent updates, with a notification system that integrates wonderfully with the main Linux desktops, and that also offers a dark mode and lock screen alerts.

You can find its source code in a public Github repository, and install it using a Snap package, using the command “sudo snap install kesty-whatsapp (It has ‘candidate’, ‘beta’ and ‘edge’ versions that we can install by adding modifiers to the previous command).

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WhatsDesk is about a WhatsApp Web embedded within a lightweight Electron application. It does not offer anything special, beyond support for the development of future plugins … but by using it we will avoid some of the inconveniences of running WhatsApp from a browser (re-login after each cookie cleaning session, losing the tab between one tangle of idems, etc).

As in the case of the previous application, we can install WhatsDesk from the terminal using Snap packages, we will only have to enter the following command in a terminal: “sudo snap install whatsdesk. It is also possible to install the .deb package, typical of Debian-based applications.

The source code for #WhatsDesk is available in its creator’s repository, on GitLab.

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Franz / Rambox

Another option to use WhatsApp on Linux outside of the browser is turn to some of the multi-messaging apps that bring together different programs of this type (and, sometimes, other web services) in differentiated tabs. Like WhatsDesk, they are only interfaces that will facilitate the use of WhatsApp Web.

In this category we can find programs like Franz and Rambox. If in addition to WhatsApp you regularly use other communication tools Like Facebook Messenger, Google HangOuts, Telegram or Skype, both programs can be the most interesting for you.

Franz offers both .deb and AppImage packages on his website, while Rambox adds Snap and .rpm to both formats.