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these are the minimum requirements to play

25 mayo, 2021

The news has come like rain in May, Fortnite is now available in the Google application store. Epic Games has accepted the conditions of the Google application store, after 18 months with the game restricted to its store and that of Samsung.

Finally, Fornite can be downloaded on Android from the Play Store, although a good part of the comments are complaints that the game either does not work or does not work correctly. Fortnite requirements are high, so we are going to give you a review to see what devices it will run on.

If you want to play Fortnite you need a moderately powerful mobile

Fortnite Android

The requirements of Fortnite are quite high, in fact, they have increased since its first version came out. In short, you need a relatively current mid-range mobile To be able to play it, ideally, quite powerful high-end terminals.

  • ARM64 processor
  • Android 8.0 or higher
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Adreno 530 or higher
  • Adreno 615 or higher
  • Mali-G71 MP20 or higher
  • Mali G72 MP12 or later

First of all, we need to have at least Android 8.0. Similarly, at least 4GB of RAM is required. Regarding the processor, we need you to have at least one Adreno 530 GPU. This is the GPU of the legendary Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, so the entire 800 range from this processor is supported (821, 835, 845, 845, 855, 855+, 865, etc.)


Regarding mid-range processors, we will have to bet on platforms from the Snapdragon 670 upwards (Snapdragon 675, 730, etc), which have Adreno GPUs from the 615 series. Regarding the rest of the chips (which use Mali GPUs), to give you an idea, the Mali-G71 MP20 is the unit of graphics processing of the Exynos 8, the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S8, so if the mobile is less powerful, it will not be able to run Fortnite.

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Apart from these requirements, there is a point to take into account. Fortnite details this list of mobiles as compatible with 60 FPS:

This implies that if your mobile is more powerful than the ones on the list You can enjoy Fortnite with a maximum frame rate per second of 60. In the event that your mobile is not that powerful, it will move at a maximum of 30 FPS.

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