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these are the news that Instagram prepares

27 mayo, 2021

Instagram is still the current queen when it comes to uploading our photos and sharing them on the web. Although the application is constantly updated with news in the filters and some details, the biggest news are yet to come, and today we have heard of some of them.

Jane Manchung Wong, a well-known developer, has researched on the Instagram code on Android, having discovered several of the novelties that they are preparing for the future. Some of them could arrive in a different way (as they are not definitive), but the information leaves us an interesting perspective on the improvements that the Instagram team wants to make to the application.

Boomerang and Instagram Stories improvements

Instagram icons

The first novelties mentioned have to do with the new icons over the text of Instagram Stories functions. Specifically, those chosen for the renewal would be the following.

  • Focus
  • Layout
  • Music
  • Stopmotion
  • Zuperzoom

How to schedule posts on Instagram

Instagram Layout

The main protagonist here would be Layout, a function that will allow us to make collages directly from Instagram. Currently, there is an application called Layout for Instagram, with a rather outdated design and not too popular. The company intends to integrate these functions within the stories themselves, without the need to install an external application. On the other hand, Instagram wants to improve Instagram Boomerang with different modes that will make the resulting clip look different.


Another novelty that would arrive, according to the developer, is the option share comments. The implementation would be to add a ‘share’ button next to each comment, right next to the reply button ‘. After clicking on the share option, we could send these comments by direct message.

The thing does not end here, and it is that we are also told about notification filters, to be able to personalize them to taste. Specifically, we could, for example, choose to receive all notifications from a person, only their comments, likes, messages, etc.

Finally, the developer tells us that Instagram would implement the “app and websites” option within the security section of the application. This, would allow us see the applications and web pages that can access our Instagram account. At the moment, no estimated date for the arrival of these news is known.

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