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These are the tests you have passed to get military certification

27 mayo, 2021

The Korean manufacturer LG it has always boasted of the great resistance of its new flagship. The new LG G6 has a metal frame and rounded edges to make it more resistant to any situation or shock, but until today it only had the IP68 certification that only guaranteed resistance to water and dust. Now it has a new certification confirming the durability of the device.

The LG G6 has achieved the United States military standard MIL-STD 810G which guarantees that we are facing a very resistant device that should withstand strong falls, high temperatures and very adverse situations.

LG G6 manages to certify its durability

LG reports that its flagship has successfully passed 14 types of durability tests such as falls, immersion, low pressure, solar radiation, temperature shock, high and low temperatures both covered and uncovered, vibration, humidity, salt mist, sand and dust, and rain. MIL-STD 810G certification makes the LG G6 suitable for government and military uses in the United States.

In some of the tests the LG G6 was four times under a salt mist with a density of 5% for 4 hours, was able to operate for more than two hours in temperatures between -33ºC and -21ºC, and survived exposure to dust and sand for one hour at normal temperature and an additional hour at high temperatures.

LG G6 resists high temperatures very well thanks to the fact that it implements heated tube designed to disperse heat and a space inside the equipment that allows air circulation, thus reducing the temperature of the processor between 6 and 10%.

The LG G6 battery was also put to the test with more than 20 demanding performance tests in situations of high temperature, penetration or shock resistance. Your battery was successfully exposed to temperatures of 150ºC, 15% more than the international standard (130ºC) and survived a crash test in which an object of 9.1 kg fell from a height of 61 cm on the device. LG has added a wider and more stable gap between the electrodes to avoid the risk of short circuit and combustion that is so much feared now.

Its great resistance to shocks is thanks to its strong and light metal frame from AL6013 which is the same one used by airplanes for its high resistance to damage and blows. In addition, thanks to their rounded edges they disperse the impacts of falls much better.

Finally, its IP68 certification ensures that the device is completely sealed to be able to immerse yourself in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes and to withstand any type of dust.

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